00:21: Hello, thank you for stopping by to watch “Title Testimonies.” This one’s all about the parent helps what we have to offer in Oikos and how did they come to be. Well, you probably have noticed, as I have mentioned in other Title Testimonies, that the resources for parent helps are not that many. We don’t have pages and pages and hundreds and hundreds of parent helps to offer you. You will find that there are hundreds and hundreds available now these days. It never used to be like that. In fact, the first book that I got was a rare find, “The Successful Homeschoolers Family Handbook” by Raymond and Dorothy Moore, that was like one of a kind at the time. But now there’s a very great selection of resources, books, titles to read for parents to support them in this journey of home education.

01:08: However, we’ve just got a very few, selected few on the Oikos site, and I’ll tell you why there’s only a few and why there aren’t many, many more for you to choose from from Oikos. However, I’m sure you already know that Google, you go there, you select what it is you’re looking for and you will just be swamped with a huge selection basically, because there’s just so much available. But what we have is mostly the Moore’s books as you have come to know, I hope, by seeing them on the website. And then there’s Ruth Beechick’s books as well. Those are our main books. And we’ve got the odd additional treasures, such as “Hints on Child Training” that was written more than 100 years ago and it’s just got some real gems in it, so we thought, “Well, this is out of print, let’s put it back in print and make it available for the families to read, parents specifically.”

01:58: So you may ask why those particular people. Well, in the story entitled “Testimonies of KONOS” I shared about how the successful handbook came to be in my hands. And because I’d just devoured it and it was such a support, I noticed that the Moores were both doctors of education and they just had so much experience and so involved and the whole home schooling movement, if you can call it that, many decades ago. Not many, maybe three or four decades ago. So I just found that because the first book I had read of theirs was just so meeting my need as a parent, I then looked for other books that they had written, found them to be useful and helpful, and so we started distributing them and supplying them through Oikos. And so there began another relationship with Raymond and Dorothy Moore. They are deceased now, or upgraded to heaven as we’d like to say. And they gave us printing rights to be able to continue to print their books here in South Africa. So that is what we do. We know that they’ve been helpful and supportive to ourselves and many families, so we continue to distribute those that came to us.

03:07: I’m not disputing that there are many, many, many other really excellent books out there, it’s just that they haven’t landed on our path, we haven’t experienced them firsthand, brought to us by the hand of God as we’ve experienced the others, and now we pass them on and share them. Well, we share them with you. So it’s a question of should we look for all the others that would be helpful? Well, we’ve found that people are doing that on their own anyway. They’re finding really excellent books, finding ones that suit them, where they’re at in their season of life, and so that is now easier for people to do than it used to be. So the books we’ve got for parent helps are the ones that we’ve always had. We haven’t taken away and we haven’t added. Of course, if we hear of one that is just amazing and it drops out of heaven like the others have done, well then, it’s likely we will add it to what we supply in the way of parent helps.

03:58: Now, let me tell you a little about Ruth Beechick. Ruth Beechick was involved in the whole support of the language program that we supply here at Oikos being LLATL, Learning Language Arts Through Literature. She’s a specialist in her field and special education as well and remedial, and she just has a heart for home educating families and wanting to help them and support them in their parenting and teaching and training of their children. So she’s written numerous books. I don’t have every one of the books she’s written. Also, Dr. Ruth Beechick has given us here at Oikos permission to print and distribute the resources, those titles that she has written, those ones that we have. There are more that she has written that we do not have at this stage. Also, Ruth has been instrumental in our own family, because we’ve had special needs and special learning considerations, and when things were very, very tough and we weren’t sure which way, I would write to Ruth, she would then guide me and really be an incredible support and help. So what I’ve done with that is I’ve then passed it on to other families and just shared with them the pearls I receive from Ruth, which I’ve been able to pass onto others and just keep spreading the value and the good that we have received from Ruth.

05:17: A lot of that of course is through the books that she has authored. And I can say the same for Raymond and Dorothy Moore. They are specialists in their field as well and have been very supportive in the whole home education or homeschooling movement across the world. So we’ve also gained a lot from them and extremely grateful for them. Just imagine, a long time ago, they authored those books and they are still today being useful and helpful to parents who are teaching their children at home. I do want to encourage you to please invest in yourself in this regard, read the odd parent help book. Don’t just put it aside and go, well, it’s more important that you get whatever the next thing is that you feel you need for your child. Because what you need for your child is to equip yourself so that you can be better trained and equipped and skilled to be able to be better at what you are doing.

06:05: You’ve been called to this, to home educate your children. We’ve got these parent helps for that very reason, to help. To help you and to support you in this calling. It is a big commitment and that’s what we’re here for, is to help you, and that’s why we have these parent help books on the website. As I have said, not a huge number of titles, but the ones that are there are helpful. That’s how we’ve found them to be and that’s how many others who have them and purchased them and read them have found them to be just extremely valuable and helpful to them in this journey. So thank you for stopping by and watching this next Title Testimony about the parent helps. I’m looking forward to sharing more with you. In the meantime, perhaps get yourself a parent book and start reading and equip yourself and support yourself through these other wonderful people who have taken the time to author these books for us. Thank you for watching. See you soon. Bye for now.