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The video testimonies of Sean & Lee-Anne Coetzee, Emma Loubser, Matthew Hale, Carolynn (Rushton) Frenzel, Marcel Frenzel, Kevin Frenzel, Willem & Conrad Van den Bergh, Colin Heckroodt and Missy (Wood) Atkinson

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Sean & Lee-Anne Coetzee
Picture of Sean & Lee-Anne Coetzee

4 Videos ~ Running Time: 17:48

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Emma Loubser
Picture of Emma Loubser

6 Videos ~ Running Time: 16:39

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Matthew Hale
Picture of Matthew Hale

2 Videos ~ Running Time: 9:41

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Carolynn (Rushton) Frenzel
Picture of Carolynn Rushton

1 Video ~ Running Time: 6:27

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Marcel Frenzel
Picture of Marcel Frenzel

4 Videos ~ Running Time: 8:52

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Kevin Frenzel
Picture of Kevin Frenzel

2 Videos ~ Running Time: 5:45

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Willem & Conrad Van den Bergh
Picture of Willem & Conrad Van den Bergh

5 Videos ~ Running Time: 14:22

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Colin Heckroodt
Picture of Colin Heckroodt

1 Video ~ Running Time: 1:47

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Missy (Wood) Atkinson
Picture of Missy (Wood) Atkinson

4 Videos ~ Running Time: 17:05

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How These Clips Impacted Me

Hi, I’m Bea. I’m almost 17 (2014), and worries of matric made my choices quite confusing in the past few years.
At first everyone said I needed it, and as society has pressured me strongly, I agreed.

I thought I needed a piece of paper to remind the world and myself, that I’m valued and worth it, forgetting how God loves me unconditionally.

We went to a few Homeschool expos, and most of them had Cambridge education information seminars, which seemed attractive enough as an option. After a few months we decided on it although financially we could only have faith, and I went in a downward spiral concerning my education and stress levels. You see, I had this impression that I had to do it, and of course that led to the belief that I had to be about 23 to actually finish school, including Grade 13. Which made working, starting a career, moving out and so forth even more stressful.

In hindsight, my thoughts and fears were more focused on what others were doing and saying, than my own opinion, or God’s for that matter.

A few months ago, My mother and I had a falling out about whether to go on with this idea of Cambridge matric or to stay with Oikos and have no papers to prove it. Or so I thought. I was against the idea so badly, that my mother stayed quiet. After a while, she called me in and asked me to watch some videos with her, those being the Oikos Testimonial Videos.

After watching every single episode, my mind was made up. I was reminded that whether a door is opened by a paper or not, God is the One in control. And if HE wants me to go to college, write my book, go studying overseas, or even minister in South Africa, it doesn’t matter. He can open a door that was presumed shut.

I will continue on with Oikos, without a matric. I’m so certain of my future like I’ve never been before.

I can’t tell you WHAT I will be doing, but I know whatever it will be, Jesus will be right beside me, opening doors, creating opportunities and giving me the strength to go through them with courage and fierce vigour.

Thank you for putting these testimonials on the website, as well as helping me along a path which can become confusing daily.

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