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The video testimonies of Dr Jay Wile, Charmain Coertzen, Granny June, Coenie & Magriet Van den Bergh, Fred & Eunanza Farrell, Jo-Ann Amey and Greg & Sonja Wood

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Dr Jay Wile

Picture of Dr Jay

2 Videos ~ Running Time: 13:55

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Charmain Coertzen - El Shaddai Ministries

Picture of Charmain Coertzen

1 Video ~ Running Time: 7:34

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Granny June

Picture of Granny June

1 Video ~ Running Time: 2:55

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Coenie & Magriet Van den Bergh

Picture of Coenie and Magriet Van den Bergh

1 Video ~ Running Time: 8:23

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Fred & Eunanza Farrell

Picture of Fred and Eunanza Farrell

8 Videos ~ Running Time: 24:52
1 Transcript

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Jo-Ann Amey

Picture of Jo-Ann Amey

1 Video ~ Running Time: 3:33

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Greg & Sonja Wood

Picture of Greg and Sonja Wood

2 Videos ~ Running Time: 11:36

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