00:05: When I finished my more formal learning aspects, so when I reached the age of 17, 18, I wasn’t quite sure exactly what I was gonna do when I was finished with school. So what we did as a family, my dad said that once I finish my formal education, he’s going to just teach me things around the house, and teach me how to work with all the different tools, and repair different things. So basically teach me the practical side of life. And so I did that for a year and I also had a desire to go into the electrical field. So what I did then, is I went to the local FET College. Now, I didn’t have any metric or any certification at all, so I wasn’t quite sure exactly how it’s going to work out, but I knew that God was going before me. And if that was His plan, then He would be able to make a way. So I went to the FET College and just showed them a portfolio of what I had done during my formal education years. And they were very happy with that and they accepted me straight away. And so I decided to do part time studies at the FET College doing the in courses.

01:19: I showed them, especially the maths and science that I had done and he said that was quite a bit of a higher level than where you start at N1. So he’s told me that I only need to start with maths and science from N4. So he gave me credits for maths and science from N1 to N3, so the first three trimesters. And I decided to start a home and garden maintenance business, just something very small on the sidelines. And it picked up really nicely because what happened is while we were doing home education, my dad helped us to start a plant nursery. And that taught us a lot when it comes to business skills and entrepreneurial skills. And so I brought that into this aspect of my life.