00:05 Sonja Wood: Unexpectedly, Sean and Lee-Anne’s granny arrived here at our home, which is a wonderful surprise ’cause we weren’t expecting that at all. And so, I’ve asked granny to please sit here with her granddaughter and her grandson. And I have a question I’d like to ask you. How do you feel about your grandchildren, your daughter and son-in-law chose to raise them at home and home educate them? Can you tell us how you feel about the results of that and that decision and whether you were for it, against it, and how you feel about it today?

00:39 Granny June: Well, I must say, I’m very proud of him today. At one stage, I thought, “Now, what about sport?” because Sean was really a sportive guy, but I thought, that of course, is really secondary. But I’m proud of him. And one thing I know they were disciplined, and I think discipline plays a big part in it. But I’m really proud of him. [chuckle]

01:10 Sean: How did you feel about mom and dad to homeschool? What was your initial thought when they told you they were going to homeschool us?

01:18 Lee-Anne: And taking us out of school.

01:18 June: No, I had confidence in them because I saw their reasons, I knew why they were doing it, and I thought, “Well, I’m sure that they will make a success of it.”

01:32 Sonja: And have they?

01:33 June: Definitely.

01:35 Sonja: So are your grandchildren lacking something or anything that you need to caution the people about?

01:40 June: No.


01:41 Sean: You can be brutally honest there.

01:44 June: Huh?

01:44 Sean: You can be brutally honest.


01:45 June: I think you you were a bit…

01:46 Sean: And tell them… And tell them…

01:46 June: I think you were a bit of just a spoiled boy, you.

01:48 Sean: Me?


01:51 Lee-Anne: Mom’s little pet.


01:53 June: And she is just a darling.


01:56 Lee-Anne: Thanks, Gran.


01:57 Sean: Oh, well. [chuckle]

01:58 Sonja: So you would… If you had to encourage any other grannies, or say something to any other grandparents, if they’re concerned about the fact that their children have chosen to home educate?

02:09 June: I feel, in today’s world, and in the schools, things that are happening in the schools today, I would rather not have my children exposed to it, and if the parents are committed, and I have all my faith in them and in the Lord, of course, that He would help them in raising these children the way He wanted them to raise.

02:35 Sonja: And do you believe that’s what’s happened? Is that the result?

02:37 June: Yes, definitely. God has been good to them.