00:06 Kevin: The role that my dad played was very important, in that he always reassured us, he reassured my mom, and he was part of the whole equation. He stood with my mom when there were difficulties, and he never ever himself let go of that vision which he had got from the beginning.


00:24 Kevin: There was no need for us to waver. We had that Biblical foundation laid. We had mom and dad standing upon the vision that had been imparted to them, no wavering and that just allowed us to also just continue on that road that the Lord had marked out for us.


00:44 Kevin: I always tell people that I had the best teacher in the whole wide world.

00:49 Sonja: And who was that?

00:50 Kevin: My mom.


00:56 Kevin: I’ve got two brothers, and I must say, my two brothers are probably my two best friends. And it has been so incredible to do home education with them, because we did the subjects all together. We didn’t integrate them into different age groups. That has built such a strong relationship between the three of us that we have just become the best friends. We are able to spend weeks together without anyone else, just enjoying each other’s company. And it’s such a blessing to have a family that is united, and enjoys each other’s company.


01:28 Kevin: Whenever people have asked me if I would do the same for my family one day, when it comes to home education, I’ve always answered them in the affirmative, and told them that the foundation that has been laid upon Godly principles has been the most important part. And if I would’ve had all the academic learning, and not have had that foundation of the Lord, it would all have been pointless.