00:06 Sonja: Tell us a bit about where you’re at because you are now gonna be 20 this year.

00:11 Conrad: I did Oikos all way through, and then the last two years of doing Oikos, I played at Double Beat Studios. After the first year, you get Drummer of the Year award thing and I got that. And then I decided I wanted to try and go to COPA College, Campus Of Performing Arts. And then I went for the audition. I don’t have any papers or anything, I just went for the audition and they were like, “No, that’s cool, go can go straight to second year.”

00:37 Sonja: Why do you think they did that?

00:40 Conrad: The audition went well, praise God. [laughter] Yeah.

00:46 Sonja: So they actually basically recognised and identified that you were beyond what first year requirements were and they slotted you in.


01:01 Sonja: You’ve now got drum students, you’ve taken on students to teach them drumming, and then you’re also doing some Bible studies.

01:08 Conrad: Yes, Life Bible curriculum. I’m studying at Life Church, our church.

01:14 Sonja: And while you’re doing that, I’m gathering that you’re just waiting on God?

01:18 Conrad: Yes, yes. Just for this year, just trusting and seeking Him, earnestly seeking Him, just to see what else I want because I know God has definitely blessed me with drumming, but what else? ‘Cause with that, I’m doing drums for two years and then going to college, and then being in the same class as people that have been drumming for seven years and that, but I’ve only been drumming for three then. Yeah, so I know I was definitely blessed with that. And then I passed and this year it’s like…

01:49 Sonja: So, now you wanna wait and see what God wants to do with this talent. That’s what you’re waiting on?

01:53 Conrad: Yes, yes. Yeah, yeah.

01:54 Sonja: And God’s gonna lead and you just trust Him on that, from what I’m hearing.

01:56 Conrad: Yes, definitely.

01:58 Sonja: Well, thanks, Gaz, I’m just, we’re really blessed here. We know that your testimony’s gonna bless lots and lots of young people out there and the parents, and He’s really using you, Gaz, and just keep on. I can’t encourage you enough just to keep on the course that He’s put you on. Don’t be swayed. That’s the thing that has come through with your family, is you have not been swayed left or right. Even when the storms have come, you’ve remained steadfast.

02:24 Sonja: And so, because of that, I’d like to call your dad into the studio now and see, because he’s the rock of your… He’s the priest of your home. And so we’ve really, really experienced him being in his father’s role in the way that delights the Lord. So, we really thank you for the spontaneous, unexpected visit today of you coming and us pulling you into the studio was really last minute. So thanks for that, Gaz, bless you.

02:50 Conrad: Thank you.