00:06 Sonja: People think graphic design is very much an artistic, the creative side of going for a degree, and then, don’t necessarily appreciate or realize the amount of academics involved. You had said that the academics side you found your fellow students struggled in that area. Can you tell us a little bit about that?

00:22 Willem: I’d just did the OIKOS work and when we started, because there actually are several tertiary subjects that you have to do. And I did, it was very easy for me, the subjects that we were doing in English and Writing, all those things were easy for me or for the other students. Most of the other students it was really hard.

00:46 Sonja: And that’s really interesting as well because your mother tongue is Afrikaans. English is a second language really.

00:52 Willem: Yes. Yes.

00:53 Sonja: And yet you went into tertiary education and you managed on an academic level as a top student as well, from what I gather. It’s absolutely wonderful.