A map of the road ahead

We hope you have gone through Step 1 and 2 to give you a better grasp on Oikos and the Oikos Lifestyle. By now you will have a better idea of what you need but please don’t be tempted to think that you must now go rushing off and “get it all” – you don’t need to order everything in one go. This is one of the benefits of the Oikos lifestyle. You can pick, choose and make the necessary selections after you have assessed your family’s needs carefully.

That being said, let’s break up the resources into bite-sized pieces. An important factor to keep in mind is budget which varies from family to family. We can only sketch out an overview as only you know your current financial situation.

The Oikos lifestyle essentials

  • A Parent Support Book
  • Bible Study Resources
  • Your KONOS manual with relevant timeline
  • A good read-aloud book, either in English or Afrikaans

The formal

  • Numeracy – Math-U-See book at the appropriate skill level for your children.
  • Literacy – LLATL book at the appropriate skill level for your children.

Tip on purchasing the formals:

You could only get language at this point, or just math. You could even get them both together. This is for you to decide, according to your budget. Please remember to avoid using the grade reference when you do this. Your children don’t have to sit and do a math or language lesson every single day.

It is preferable to settle into the Oikos lifestyle by following the Oikos lifestyle essentials. Add the formal thereafter if you like. It doesn’t matter if you start with maths, and then a month later, order your language books (or vice versa). You can do it in your own time. Please also keep in mind that you are not having to teach a class of 30 plus children. You are doing one-on-one education which is like private tuition. This kind of learning model allows you to accomplish a lot more in less time.

The extras

  • Science
  • Excellence in Writing
  • Excellence in Spelling
  • Around the World in 180 Days
  • Drawing with Children
  • Vocal Coach Series
  • Basic Bookkeeping
  • Maybe even an Oikos T-Shirt

This is only your first year, by this time next year you would have become much more familiar with the Oikos site. You will be comfortable with placing orders as and when you choose. Once you have placed your children in the program, the assessments won’t need to be repeated – it will be a natural progression from there on!

Low cost – high value

If we get into specifics, chances are it will have to be updated in no time at all, due to the economic situation being as it has over the last few years. We are sure you will agree that there is huge value when you think of the following things.

  • Your children are getting one-on-one tuition.
  • Many of the resources are non-consumable and can be used for years. With most resources, the parent pack only needs to be purchased once. When you place your order for the next child coming through the program, you will only need to purchase the student pack. Many of the other resources are once-off purchases for range of integrated ages.
  • You won’t have many of the hidden school costs such as travel, uniforms, fees etc. So even if a family decides to splash out and invest in all the Oikos resources, they are still spending considerably less while giving their children so much more.
  • You don’t need to invest in bookcases of knowledge-based books because KONOS is activity based. There is also so much available at your finger tips on the internet. Many of the KONOS activities call for common, day-to-day household items. This increases the affordability.
  • You will be on a journey of discovery and experiential learning. This lasts because it is built on practical, lifetime memories. Just think back to what you recall with regard to knowledge taught in school. Now think back to experiences you’ve had which are lasting memories and the lessons you’ve learnt through them. The more senses involved, the more effective the learning process. KONOS is about doing, discovering and training character while getting the additional bonus of whatever knowledge learning takes place naturally.

Keeping the ministry in motion

By purchasing from Oikos, you are allowing families to continue to have affordable home education (Homeschooling). This also allows us to keep in print what would otherwise be unavailable, and produce videos to provide support right to your home.

This is very important, for without these finances coming into Oikos, we would not be in the position to make it possible for you to home educate (Homeschool) your children at such low cost but with such high value.

We want to thank all Oikos families who are part of keeping this ministry moving on and serving others.