PLEASE NOTE: Please be aware that some changes have occurred since the making of this video however the overall content within is still all relevant.
You will find some of the resources mentioned, (specifically the IEW series) are no longer available directly from Oikos but they are still available through an affiliate programme. This will all be apparent as you browse the site.
How to assess which extras you need

These are precisely that, extra. You just pick and choose whatever is applicable to your family’s needs. Let’s go category by category to sum it all up.

  • Literature – Choose whichever classic read-aloud will be a blessing to your family. Slowly add them to your home library.
  • Spelling and Writing IEW – The details of whether this resource will be of value to you are on the clips in each creative writing category. It would be best to go watch those. These are once-off purchases for the whole family to benefit. They are courses done on DVD with student worksheets, activities etc. Settle down with your formal language program and then add this to enhance, enrich and expand on what you already have.
  • Handwriting – First of all, you don’t need this at all if your child has neat handwriting, however, if you have a child whose handwriting is very untidy, and you would like their hand to be trained in forming a neater style, then look at the sample pages with each handwriting book and assess which book is appropriate for your child. We have had 14 year olds starting at book A to discipline a very untidy hand.
  • 180 Days – This is for ages 12-16 and covers geography comprehensively. If you look at the video clip you can assess if this will be a valuable resource to add to your home education (Homeschool) resources.
  • Drawing with Children – An assessment is not really necessary, once you’ve watched the video clip you can decide if you want to add this one to your home education (Homeschool) resources or not.
  • Vocal Coach – While this resources is not crucial, it is fun to have and such a blessing! If you want to have a vocal coach in your home, training your singing voices via audio lessons on CD then here it is for you.
  • Bookkeeping – We actually believe this is essential for all students over the age of 16 or 17. Again, watch the video clip about this on the store and make the assessment for yourself.

Remember, One Step at a Time

Please proceed on this journey step by step – you have the time, so there is no rush. Get settled with the basics first and then you can add these additional resources

We don’t want you to feel overwhelmed! We’ve spoken to you about all the extras, but please go back to part 1 and get your parent helps in place as well as your Bible study, get KONOS living going in your family. Watch the KONOS videos to understand more about that, take care of all your social study subjects for all your children. It’s quite easy, one KONOS volume to integrate all your children for all ages while you’re focussing on their characters. After that, you just add the math and language levels that you’ve established you need. All the extra things, literature, music etc, those are the add-ons. As we keep emphasising, get the Oikos lifestyle, vision and all that in place first. After that is done, move on level by level, adding to your home library as you go. Only add to your resources as and when you need them.

Keep the focus on God

Seek first His Kingdom and His Righteousness and all these things will be added unto you. Matthew 6:33

You are doing home education (Homeschooling) because you have being convicted and called into this lifestyle. Don’t leave God out, remember to seek Him, remember to put His Word in front of everything. Don’t neglect the importance of your Bible study material. Trust Him to guide you in taking care of the “things”. Please check with God, and be confident, you can assess your own children. This is a journey that is well, well worth it.