Are you feeling overwhelmed, nervous, or confused?

Once you have prayerfully watched this video series, we are sure you will be relaxed and excited about what lies before you. A journey which can be one of joy, fun and delight.

We receive calls and letters from parents who share with us that after visiting the website, they are looking forward to embarking on the Oikos journey, as it depicts what they desire to achieve in bringing their children home and into the learning lifestyle which Oikos offers. However, they feel somewhat uncertain on how to take the first steps to get started on this journey. This video series is here to help alleviate the concern or confusion that you may be experiencing.

Please feel free to go through the videos below, or if you prefer, the corresponding transcript versions.

Getting Started

Before we get down to the practicals, we want to explain a few things about Oikos.

What exactly is ‘Oikos’?

You may be thinking, what does ‘Oikos’ mean? It is a Greek Word meaning the complete whole family which encompasses the entire household. Our founding scripture is Matthew 6:33 which states “Seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you.”

That’s what Oikos is all about, for families to find a Biblical focus by seeking His righteousness. In doing so, we must strive to centre on the things of God, not the things of the World.

What about Grades?

Many people want to know why we don’t use a grade system. Nowhere in the Bible will you find people categorised into grade boxes, as each person is made uniquely. Instead of forcing a rigid graded systems, we rather focus on character and conceptual mastery. This approach is a superb way to prepare each child for their adult life.

How do your resources work?

Firstly, the Oikos resources go up to and beyond a Grade 12 skill level. While we will go into more detail on the specifics in Step 2, we can provide the following summaries for you. Our Math and Language is covered using Math-U-See and LLATL respectively. All social study subjects are all covered in the KONOS volumes. These integrate all the social subjects into character building activities. There are also many other ‘extras’, such as Science, Art and Music. Put together, they create a Learning Lifestyle instead of a ‘School at Home’ environment.