00:00: Hi there. If you are going away somewhere or perhaps even leaving the country, immigrating, and you are wanting to get some Oikos resources before your departure. Well, I’m here today to ask you to please give yourself a lot of time to receive this Oikos order, because what’s happening is people are suddenly thinking about placing their order at the last minute. Well, not maybe the last minute as such, but near the deadline time, and it creates a lot of stress and pressure for everybody.

00:36: So, if you’re just watching this and you’re not even going away and you’re not planning on going away, but you’re just going to get the message, that at some point, if you’re going away, if you’re going on a holiday… We’ve had some families that are going away for one or three months, and they decide near the end of the deadline time that they want to get a few resources to take with them and they want them to have arrived before they leave. And then it becomes a hugely stressful thing, because we can’t control the weather.

01:04: We don’t know if your order is going to come in or what’s going to suddenly be missed, and somehow something went wrong, and we never received your order and you think we have received your order or perhaps we’ve had storms for a few days in a row, and so we’ve had to shut down and things are all a bit delayed because of that, whatever the reasons might be. What happens is you might not get you order before you leave, and then that’s terribly disappointing for you. We don’t want that to happen. We want you to get the order when you need to get the order. Especially if you’re ordering some read-aloud books to read on the long car journey you’re gonna be in and now you don’t have that read-aloud book, that would just be sad.

01:42: So, I’m just here to remind you, please, that if you have plans for travel, whether it be holidays or some special field trip you’re going on that’s gonna take some time and you want a book before you go on this particular deadline, please allow quite a bit of time. Give yourself a good couple of weeks to plan for your Oikos resource to arrive at you in the time that you need it, so you can remove the stress from that resource needing to come in the time that you need it and then it being late. Because it has happened, it’s happening more and more actually with people.

02:15: It seems to me that everybody is in a big rush and they’re not thinking ahead and not planning in such a way that their orders will arrive with them, their orders meaning what a particular resource that they need, is not arriving in the time they need it to arrive. And so I’m just here to remind you to plan well and give a lot of time for that so that there isn’t the stress, just helping you not to have the stress that you don’t need to. I just hope that this was a little prompt to help you to plan well, so that we can get your resources to you in the time that you would like to have them and that you don’t have to have stress. Thanks for watching. Bye.