00:00: Hi there, thank you for joining me. I would like to help you with things pertaining to your order, if I possibly can, I hope I can help you today. I’ve got a few points that you might find would be supportive to you. The one is, emails. Now, it has been brought to our awareness that sometimes, the email that you are supposed to receive from us, doesn’t actually get to you and that it goes somewhere else and to the ether somewhere, or maybe into your spam folder, or into trash or wherever it is. But, what we want to suggest is that if you have emailed us, or you’re expecting a response from your order as in an automatic email response because you placed an order and you don’t get anything and you wonder what’s happening. That means there’s a problem and that we do respond and that is what we’re here for is to meet your need and to help you and support you and so you’re not being supported by us if you’re not getting an email response. So, what I would like to suggest is you, first of all if you don’t get any response then email us directly, or phone us. Check your spam folder perhaps check your trash, but also please check the email address you have put on your order form.

01:11: If you’re not receiving an email from us with regard to something pertaining to your order, please would you go and check on your account on the Oikos online store, on the dashboard, go to my account and have a look there and see that your details are correct ’cause what we found is sometimes there’s one digit that’s wrong, or a letter that’s wrong in the email. And then we’re sending this email to somebody else, or it’s just getting lost. And so please check that. If you’ve checked that and you’ve checked your spam folders and you’ve done all the tests your side, and you still haven’t heard from us, please don’t wait around for days wondering why you’re not hearing from Oikos, just email us and say, “I need to hear from you, I’ve sent you an email.” Maybe we never received the email. Maybe something went wrong with your order, maybe it just dropped at that moment that you clicked the final step and it just disappeared. It happens, that’s technology, we’re really grateful for technology, ’cause I can sit and talk to you today, but it does have its little quirks.

02:11: So, please check your spam folder, please go through these checks, but please most importantly, don’t sit there wondering why you haven’t heard from us and now we’re not actually helping you. We want to help you. That’s what we’re here for, to help you on this journey of teaching your children at home and using the Oikos resources and getting your orders to you and doing whatever it is that we can do to help, such as making videos as well for you to watch. We hope you found those helpful as well. So, this was just stopping back quickly to speak to you about the emails and checking your email address and all your details for that matter. In fact while I’m on the matter of checking your details, please do me another favour and that is, check your phone number. I can’t tell you how often it happens whereby somebody puts their phone number in and then the courier is going to call you before they deliver it, ’cause we make a very big point of that. We put a label on the parcel to say, “Call receiver before delivery.” And we do that very intentionally, ’cause we consider you as mom at home with children, maybe you’re not home, maybe you’ve popped out and now the courier arrives and so on and so forth.

03:19: So, it’s not just a business and office hours, easy delivery, there’s other things to consider. And so because we consider those things we put ‘call receiver before delivery’ on your parcel. But now what happens if the phone number is not correct, that courier can’t get ahold of you, then the parcel comes back to us and then the problems start. So, we want to eliminate those problems and one way is to ask you to please check your phone number, double check, double check. Make sure that it’s correct phone number that the courier must call and it’s really a good idea to have a second phone number there.

03:55: So for example, if you’re out of signal, or your battery’s died on your phone and you don’t know because you’ve had a difficult morning and you haven’t noticed that your battery’s died, at least the courier then can phone the second number and call that person to let them know that they’re trying to deliver your order to you. So, this is to remind you to check your details, your emails, and your phone number details, and also don’t hesitate to phone us. And if you can’t get us as well that could also happen, you phone us and you can’t get through and there’s problems with that, well we are going to try and resolve that as best we can. But storms… We actually live in a very, very high storm area here in the Natal in South Africa and so there’s sometimes where there’s no option but just to shut everything down, ’cause we’ve got a violent storm going on.

04:42: So, there are gonna be times that you can’t get us on the phone, but then you can email us, ’cause we do check our emails consistently and routinely. That’s why I’m asking you to please let us know if days have gone by and you haven’t heard from us ’cause that shouldn’t be the case. So, I hope this has been helpful and I hope we can help you even further with being able to have better communication and contact with you, but for now thank you for watching. Bye.