00:07: Hi there. Thank you for stopping by. I’m excited to sit with you today and talk to you about visiting your country. Well, whether this is possible or not, we’re not sure. But I’m talking to you about it today because there’s been requests of people from countries beyond our South African borders. As you know, we are South African-based and we have requests for us to come and visit you in your country. So I’m here to talk to you about that today. We have done this in the past. Obviously, we have been to various different countries to share with them the Oikos vision and help Oikos families on this journey of the lifestyle they’ve chosen, and it’s always been tremendously valuable. And if we could, we would just love to be in your home and in your community and in the group of families that you have that all will walk this journey so that we can support you, and help you with this lifestyle you have chosen.

01:04: But, I’m sure you are also aware that there is only so much time and the difficulties of travel have become increasingly more complicated. So now so we are considering ways in which we can meet your needs without actually physically being there. We would still like to physically be with you. That is first prize, in our view, but if it’s not practically possible or financially possible, or whatever the difficulties might arise that cause it not to be so, we are looking at ways of being able to support you via this technology. We are very grateful that we have technology to be able to reach you in your homes. And so if you have ideas or if you have specific needs that you’d like to tell us about regarding us to being able to support you in your country, even if that means us coming to your country, that’s also fine. You just need to let us know. If you’d like to organise an event of some form whereby you feel it would be of value for us as Oikos to come and visit you in your country, then you must please let us now and we will do what we can to see how we can meet that need as best we can.

02:09: So I’m here today to say to you that we are very excited about the development and growth of the Oikos lifestyle in the various countries. The South African families, we’re all very thrilled that we are able to serve and support right here locally, and it’s really come together nicely, our infrastructure is in place, we’re really able to really deliver a support and help to those families effectively. And because of that, we realise we can actually continue with that in neighbouring countries or further afield than that. So it was just simply for me to stop here today and say to you that if you have this need and you feel that you would like us to help you in whichever ways that you know that help is required, then please let us know. You can email us at help@oikosfamily.co.za, and we will respond and see what we can do to help you further. In the meantime, thank you so much for stopping by and watching this short video, and we hope we can continue to be of support and service to you in this choice that you’ve made. Thank you for watching. Bye.