00:07: Hi there, thank you for stopping by. I’m hoping that you are one of our international families out there beyond the South African borders. And if you are, hello from South Africa. I’m really, really excited to be able to talk to you. And with technology it’s amazing, that I can actually talk to you today, even though I have to look at a lens instead of you, I’d rather be sitting in your home and having a cup of tea with you. But today I’m talking to you about international payments of orders. That’s a bit of an administrative discussion today, but even so, it’s exciting that we can serve you beyond the South African borders now, because of technology and because of wonderful courier services that are growing and improving all the time, because of online stores and online payments, which aren’t always just easy and smooth but I’ll talk to you about those in a moment. For now, I just wanted to welcome you and say, thank you for joining me, and it’s quite a privilege to talk to you wherever you are somewhere beyond South Africa.

01:07: It’s very exciting to me that we can do this. And I’m also happy to be able to share with you our theme here, being a zebra. A zebra is a very significant theme in Oikos because we try to be people of no compromise. It’s not grey, it’s black and white. So today, I would like to talk to you about the black and white aspects of international payments of orders. It would be really wonderful if there was absolutely no grey. We’re trying to remove the grey from it because it seems that it keeps creeping back in. And the fact that we had it really nicely worked out and then something changes. The banks need to put more security codes onto these systems ’cause there’s more and more people using online banking or the credit card gateway payment story also has some problems with it, because a test to go to a bigger server, whatever the technological tool ’cause I might be getting it all wrong. But the bottomline is you might have a difficulty with your payment when it comes to your international order. We are constantly trying to find ways for you not to have a difficulty such as we introduce PayPal at this stage, which we now have to stop in 2018. 2018 is just around the corner, I’m still sitting here in 2017. Maybe when you watch this, I don’t know what year it will be, but at this moment, it’s end of 2017 and I’m talking to you about struggles with international payments because they’re there.

02:32: I hope that this will become obsolete this video, and we can actually remove it because we won’t have a problem anymore. But for now, if you are having a problem with your payment, we can’t use the PayPal option anymore for international payments. We are trying to get the credit card aspect of it really, really streamlined for you. So that whenever you’re doing any online orders and you just use your credit card, it should just work, but it doesn’t always. I know, I have this experience myself when I’m trying to order and do payments internationally. I have sometimes great difficulties and other times it just works. So we want it just to work for you, clearly. That’s obviously our goal. If it’s not just working for you, your credit card payment, and now you want to do an EFT, then we have all kinds of hoops we have to jump through depending on which country you’re in. We’ve got to get clearance and all sort of things have to happen with EFT. So we’re trying to avoid EFT’s at the moment, they’ve become more problematic, or let me not say problematic, more complex. We’re trying to remove the problems. So I’m gonna suggest that because whatever I say today might actually not be relevant tomorrow.

03:43: For example, I’m gonna just suggest this, that if you’re watching this and you’ve had difficulty with your payment or you want to do an international order and you’re a bit nervous about the payment for whatever reason, please do drop us an email. Why don’t you just email us at help@oikosfamily.co.za. The link is on the website. You’ll find it there, just email direct from the website and just let us know that you placed an order that you’d like to do a payment, maybe you can just try doing it with your credit card and it all just works beautifully. But if it doesn’t and you’ve got any difficulty please don’t struggle on and on and on. Please just contact us. We would like to help you not have a difficulty with your payment. We really don’t want you to start trying all sorts of approaches that maybe make things more complicated for you and for us, because we did offer EFT payments in the past. We have had the PayPal aspect that we introduced so that we could make things easier for you. Now, we can’t use that anymore for all kinds of legalities and whatever. So that’s why I’m asking you to please not just make up a plan on your side that works for you that ends up not working on our side, and then consequently, doesn’t work on your side. So rather just email us, tell us that you’re international, where you’re ordering from, that you wanna do a payment, and how’s the best way to go about it.

05:05: What we’ll also do is we’ll try and keep it very current on the website, the steps as to what to do regarding international payment. So please, please, just read through those steps, just go carefully when you do an international order. Have a look at the steps required for international order payments. If there’s any change on our side, we will see to it that we go into that page and make the necessary changes regarding instructions or steps one, two, three. So it’s really important that you just take time to read those three carefully before you make decisions, when it comes to putting that final payment through for your order. I’d like to thank you again for stopping by and watching this video, even though it was all about payment and admin in that because it’s really exciting to me than I can speak to you across the world. And I hope this has been helpful to you. Thank you. Bye.