00:00 : IEW, in case you don’t know what IEW is, it’s Institute of Excellence in Writing. Those of you who are familiar with it, I’m sure will agree that it is an amazing resource. We’ve had many years of hundreds of testimonies of absolute amazement of this resource, because it teaches children, and it helps parents in the field of communication, writing, creativity, spelling ’cause there’s also excellence in spelling and excellence in writing. And of course those of you who have been using IEW products have come to know Andrew Pudewa, as he teaches and trains on the DVDs, and teachers lessons. And you might also know that we’ve been undergoing some changes. I’ve spoken about change in another video and how we need to embrace it, but the change of IEW has been rather unsettling and upsetting for a lot of people. Because those who became familiar with the last 10 or more years of us providing IEW here through Oikos have found it to be such a treasure. And so when change started happening with our supply and delivery of this, that was in 2016, it started causing quite a bit of concern amongst people. And the change being fully explained on a previous video, so you can watch that on the website.

01:24 : But I did say on that video that I would come again and talk to you about the continued development of this change. And that last year, we learned that we weren’t able to continue supplying here in South Africa as far as manufacturing the products of IEW right here at Oikos. And so a lot has transpired since then, and us trying to find a way to continue serving you, as being able to supply you with IEW products here from Oikos in South Africa. I’m not gonna go into all the details of what’s been going on. IEW know themselves and us, and we’ve really tried all of us have really given it our best to make it work so we can just keep supplying you with this. So what has transpired from all of this is the following: If you’re go into the Oikos website, and watch an IEW video explaining to you about the Excellence in Writing courses, you may not know when I’m even talking about right now. And if that’s the case, then you need to go to the IEW section on the website and have a look at the video which we’ve done, which explains IEW products, labels A, B, and C. Excellence in Writing, it starts with an intensive course then it goes onto a continuation course, And then level A, B and C is basically junior, middle, older children levels. The different levels of learning, and as they get older.

02:46 : But that’s all explained in depth on that video. So if you want to watch that, you can go and watch that. To get back to talking about how it’s gonna go forward from here on, what you’ll see on the website now is if you’re looking at the videos, and looking at anything pertaining to IEW, it’ll give you a link. And there you’ll be able to click on that link and it’ll take you to where you can purchase the IEW materials. That’s how it’s going to be going forward. However, as long as Oikos still has some of the IEW resources here in South Africa, as they’d been manufactured, we have stock of them. We have quite a large stock of them in some areas, and in others completely out of stock. This is what creates a little bit of a disturbance because we don’t have all the different resources that you would like to be able to have, get from us from IEW. Because we can’t, we can only deliver to you and supply to you that what we actually have stock of. Now at the end of 2016, we stopped manufacturing all together because we were trying to work out how we’re gonna go forward with IEW, because we could no longer manufacture here in South Africa.

03:58 : However, after the first half of 2017 when we’ve tried various ways to get this right, it has now been agreed that we can just continue to sell the stock in Oikos, in South Africa that we actually have already manufactured that we have on the shelves. But that’s not going to be all the titles that IEW supplies. Give you an example, we used to supply the Excellence In Poetry. Which we’re now out of stock of. So we won’t be able to supply that anymore. And that’s just one example, so what you’re gonna find on the website, is you’re gonna find We have stock up Some of the titles and not others. The ones we don’t have stock of, you can click on the link given to you, and you will be able to go and purchase that anyway, it’s not as if… the good news is not that it’s over, you can’t get the resource anymore, you can continue to get this resource. And it is a very valuable, worthwhile resource to have as those who have experienced it will tell you. And so here we are, halfway through 2017. And this is what I can tell you about it. If things change again, that would change this message that I’m giving you, then I will come back and get you up to date on that. Before I actually close off on the subject, I must also, I’ve just remembering a conversation I had with mom last week, and she was asking me if the resources that Oikos have are exactly the same as the resources that she can get directly from IEW when she follows the link.

05:22 : And I said I couldn’t guarantee that that’s exactly the same one every level, because IEW are constantly revising, upgrading, improving their product. This is one of the reasons why we had to reconsider how we were gonna continue together, because we have to keep up with what the latest is with their product. We weren’t always able to do that. So the thing is, is what I can tell you is the resources that Oikos is supplying and offering you, are the ones that we have always and the ones that hundreds of families have got and have worked and have found the value of them. Now the IEW resources direct from the IEW website would be different in maybe the artwork. They might have improved the content as in added more to it, or changed some things here and there.

06:07 : But the model and the structure and what is being delivered and offered is the same. That hasn’t changed or not that I know about that I haven’t been informed about from IEW that there’s some incredibly radical change that I need to tell you about. That hasn’t happened. If it does, I’ll tell you. But for now, that’s the story. I can’t give you more than that. I hope it’s clear. I know that it’s been fairly muddled and confusing all the way until now, and I hope that we can just slowly but surely clear out the mud and get clarity on all of this and continue to help you and serve you in encouraging you with this actual product, because it an amazing one. And we’re not taking the videos down. If you wanna go and see all about it, you can go and watch the videos on the Oikos site and see what it’s all about. Because it has been a very treasured and valued tool for people to use; an educational tool. So I hope that it’s clear up. If it’s not and you still need some support and help, that’s what we’re here for remember. We’re here to help and support you.

07:09 : Please do not hesitate to get hold of us if you feel you’re confused about it, or you’re not clear, you would need a little bit of guidance as to what to get and you’re not sure which one, and you don’t understand the difference between this and that, it’s fine. Because we will help you. We’re here to help you with that. So get hold of us if you need further help and we will do what we can to support you. So there you are, that’s IEW story. Thank you for watching. I will tell you more if I have more. In the meantime, I hope you continue to enjoy the product ’cause we know it’s an excellent one. So thanks again and thank you for watching. I’ll speak to you soon. Bye for now.