00:00: Hello. Today I want to talk to you about your parents. I’m presuming you’re a parent and you’re watching this, and you might be having a difficulty with your own parents or your in laws. And what we’re hearing from parents that are home educating, is they’re having a strain and a struggle with this topic of the in-laws, or their extended family, even maybe their siblings, their adult siblings, that are not necessarily supporting this choice that they’ve made to home educate, that you’ve made to home educate your children. And it’s a strain and it’s a pain, pain in their heart I mean, because they want to honour their parents and it’s not nice not to be supported in your decision.

00:46: And so what I did is I got my mom to come and sit and talk to us about that because her heart is very, very passionate about grandparents supporting their children’s decisions regarding the grandchildren. And she shared with us on that topic and it is on the website, under the courses called, “A Call to Hear.” A Call to Hear is a series where we have put together, and we’ll keep adding to, where we put veterans, people that are old and wise and that have been through some journeys and have got some treasures to share with us. And my mother is one of them. And she talks on this topic of the grandparents’ involvement.

01:26: So I wanted just to come to you today and suggest you go and watch that, “A Call to Hear” series. There’s two clips. They’re called, “Granny Oikos shares” or “A Message from Granny Oikos”. Something about Granny Oikos, I don’t recall the exact titles right now. But if you can go and watch those, you might find that it’s gonna support you and help you in the struggle you might be having on this topic of your own parents. I’m not gonna say anymore about it because I know my mother had quite a bit to share on it, and it’s really helpful, I hope, and supportive. But I was just here today to just point you there and direct you there in case this is a difficulty you’ve been having. So please don’t let it continue to be a difficulty. We would like to support and help you in any difficulties you’re having in your home education, or might be having. This is one that has come up a lot, and so that’s why I’m talking to you about it today. Another one is certification and I’ve spoken about that with regard to going and watching certificate courses that we’ve done, because it seems to be another concern, a big concern that parents have. So if you have concerns, any kinds of concerns, whether it’s any of the topics I’ve discussed or others, let us know what they are.

02:35: See if you can find answers to your concerns and some support on the website by going to the search button and seeing if you can put in there what it is that you’re concerned about and see if you can get the results or the answers that you need. If not, contact us and we will do what we can to help you with that particular concern or struggle you might be having. But in the meantime, please keep smiling, don’t let anything get you down to the point where your children are suffering because you are burdened. Please remember to keep smiling. In fact, we have a wonderful testimony from a mom called Delene. You can perhaps put that into the search field and see if you can find the testimony on there, where she shares with us how she smiles at her children and what God taught her about that. So maybe you can go watch that sometime as well. So for now, thank you for stopping by and for watching, listening, and I hope to speak to you soon. Bye for now.