00:00: Hello. You probably want to know how does it work as far as certification, documentation, reports, certificates, whichever it is that’s in your reference regarding your young adult going into one of institutions, be it college, university, business, whatever it might be. And you’re wondering how that’s gonna happen if they stay with Oikos, and if they’re doing Oikos resources, and if… You’ve seen perhaps that Oikos education, from a formal level as far as language and maths and so on, numeracy, literacy, goes all the way through to grade 13, science and the various different subjects. So you’ve seen that it goes up to grade 13 level. But you might be wondering, how does that then translate into something concrete that you can have or your student young adult can have, that they can submit if they want to go into a tertiary institution of some form for further education?

01:00: So this is a question that comes up a lot, because whether you’ve been at Oikos for many years or not, you will know that we are not actually a curriculum supplier as in a educational institution ourselves. We are a resource center, we’re a ministry, we supply you with resources to support and help you in your home education. And some of our resources… In fact, I’d like to say all of our resources have been so supportive and helpful in families who are traveling this journey. It’s a different style to more formalized type of education at home. And you might be familiar with it, and you might not. If you’re not familiar with it, there’s many videos [chuckle] on the Oikos site for you to watch to become familiar with, “What is it all about?” “What does Oikos mean? “Understanding Oikos.” All of those videos are already there on the website.

01:51: But now, I’m talking to you about the certification, or the formalizing of this exit from Oikos home education, call it that, into tertiary institutions of some kind. And how do you go about it all? Well, we, on a weekly basis, in fact, deal with young adults or even adults, people in their 20s, even. In fact, just last week, I was helping a young lady that’s married, only ever did Oikos, and she’s emigrating with her husband now to Canada and she needed some formalization of her home education years. And so she needed some documentation proving or stating that she had been home-educated. And so her parents had home educated her only with Oikos, and so she needed some evidence of that. So she went onto the website where we guided her, and there, she saw that she could download a document that was basically giving evidence of, “I was home-educated, these were the resources that my parents used,” and her parents had to confirm that with signatures and dates and so on.

02:54: Now, that’s just that one example I’m giving you. But I could give you one after the next, and confuse you even further and you’re thinking, “Well, I still don’t know how to get the certification and this all formalized.” So what I’m gonna suggest, rather than me trying to explain it in a short video clip that this one is about, I would rather suggest you go and watch the certificate course. We did a course, a specific course here in Oikos, to take you on this journey that says, “Okay, this is certification. This is what it can look like, A, B, C.” It can look like you can travel that road, road A or road B or road C, and it’d look different on each one. And the reason why we put this course together was to explain to you why there isn’t just a formalized thing and say, “Right. Here we are, here’s your metric certificate. You’re finished with Oikos, write these exams, here’s your metric certificate.” It’s not that. Oikos is not that. People want it to be that, but it’s not that, because it’s not actually the ethos, the philosophy or the principle, it’s not what it’s about; it’s a learning lifestyle that is different to that.

04:00: So, if you need that and you’d like that, there’s lots of places that is supplying that and offering that to you. But Oikos isn’t offering that to you, because it’s offering something different. We like to believe that that different is very good, because otherwise why would we do it? And so, we have so many testimonies and stories of young adults that have done it purely Oikos way, that are either running their own businesses, or even medical in the medical professions such as doctors or occupational therapists, or people in any kind of one of the specialized professional degrees that are there, and degreed and qualified after only having done Oikos, and not gone the standard route of certification the way most parents’ minds reference to it.

04:46: So, I’m here to encourage you to go and watch the course, the certificate course, ’cause that’ll give the full explanation of how this whole certification exit from Oikos and institution, how it all works. It’s all there in the course, I hope you can find some time to go and watch it, and I hope this short clip has just helped in some way to bring a little bit of support to this topic. Thank you for watching. Bye-bye.