Will Oikos be at the Homeschooling Events which are held around the country? Expo’s, Fairs, Conferences etc.?

We would love to meet each and every family personally but we all know that that isn’t physically possible.

We are not able to do the Home-education circuit, the Expo’s, Concerts, Fairs that happen all over the country and all over the world. We obviously are unable to travel to all of these and we do not have a trained team that can travel extensively, doing the circuit, be it in South Africa or internationally.

Instead we are able to speak to you through this technology, allowing us to reach each and every one of you even though we would prefer to meet personally. We will do our best to support you through this means.

A Namibian Mom who lives in a very remote place in Namibia was led to the Oikos site. She says she sat one Friday evening into the wee hours of the morning, watching the media on the site, she said it was like a life-line, she received so much help and support being able to access the site.

It is for this reason that we spend much of our time and energy (and resources) to bring you this support and help which we trust will reach those far and near and even those who would not be able to reach the home-education circuit themselves.

We have attended conferences in the past and if we were to do so in future, or indeed if we were able to come to visit you in your homes, or ours, we would offer you a cup of tea and ask you to sit and relax with us as we take you to The Word of God which is where we would always start. We would ask you to turn back to Him and go to Him and see what it is that God is directing you to and how. So that you leave your stress behind and can think clearly.

We hope that even with our lack of attendance on the conference circuit that we will be able to support and help you through the courses and workshops to aid you in this journey with your family. We would like to guide you in your commitment to your family and to God. We are here to help you practically and assist in guiding you and leading you.

We also want to show you what we are doing at Oikos base for you and remind you that children spell love

Oikos Day to Day

We can spend time having tea with you but most of the time we are involved in the production of Oikos resources, doing the printing and processing, producing these videos, the admin and the clerical to ensure the parcels arrive at your door. The video clip above includes some footage of the day to day of Oikos that might be interesting for you and your children to view.