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What does it cost to do Oikos?

This is dependant on whether you are bold enough to take the first step ONLY and get JUST KONOS, to get into the lifestyle without being tempted to do ‘school’ at home but rather focus on character training and developing a JOY of learning which is what KONOS helps you achieve. On the other hand if you want to get language and maths as well, then naturally your set-up costs are going to be more.

To give you some idea, please see our clip on costs in the Starting Steps.

Many families are getting a very high value of education for low cost which is the ministries’ objective. However the deeper and more important objective is to grasp the vision and His purpose for your family.

Families are finding Oikos resources to be of incredible value due to the high standard of quality education and the lifestyle change that it brings.

You can do a costing test if you like by visiting the site and picking and choosing the curricula suited for your children, make up your order and see what total comes to for that, then trim accordingly if need be. You can place orders throughout the year getting your resources as your budget allows so you need not get everything at once.

Remember that once you have purchased the Parent books/manuals (being Bible Study, KONOS, Maths, Language etc.), you need not purchase these again, it is a once off purchase. Only the student books are consumable.