Please watch this video which covers the question about copyright.


Now I must tell you a quick testimony. A mom phoned me a few days before we came here and shared that she felt terrible. She had bought Math-U-See Gamma for her one child and Delta for the other. After having bought the kit, she thought to herself “Oh, I have a good idea. I will just leave the student book exactly as it is, and copy it so that I won’t have to buy it when my next child is ready for it.”

This seemed to be a brilliant idea, as one of her friends had suggested that she do it.

So she took all her maths and language books and had them copied and bound. Soon after having this done, she woke up in the night with God convicting her that she had done wrong. Her thought had been that this approach was acceptable, seeing as everyone was doing it. That’s what you do as a home educator (Homeschooler), you save money and use the extra funds elsewhere. But instead, she phoned us, the resource supplier and confessed “I need to repent, I need you to please tell me how to make it right. I want to pay for the books that I copied for my children because God has spoken to my heart. I need you to tell me how to handle it because I know many people are doing the same thing.”

Disregard of Copyright

Now let me tell you, Oikos Family Ministries has noticed this trend increase over the last few years. The last two years has resulted in an absolute plummeting of finances in Oikos. It’s only God’s grace and provision keeping this ministry going-under and preventing us from closing the doors. He is serious about this ministry staying strong for more and more families to be able draw together, to bring their children home and educate them in the ways of the Lord. But as to what’s happening out there in the world, there is copying, secondhand resource resale and even plagiarism.

High Regard of Copyright

Many people have no idea that there is anything wrong with copying and duplicating resources, because our society has no respect for copyright. Missy and James, (my daughter and son) will not download something that is offered for free illegally, because they want to support the individuals who made their products available. They have felt the effects of this in ministry, and have strong morals and principles as a result. Having seen what happens when a person breaks these laws, they will not do it to someone else.

We sometimes have to help them not to develop a hard heart towards others because of this. We counsel them saying “You must not be angry towards the public, as many are simply ignorant of the effects of duplication. It is the enemy’s plan for society to be so darkened, that people will do things without conscience.”

Exceptional Value – God Provides

God has made it possible to educate a young adult through their high school year for as little as R4100. In spite of this, there is plagiarism, copying, and lack of respect for suppliers and authors. This means that funds are very, very short in Oikos Family Ministries. We could have not come to Bloemfontein under normal circumstance, but we go where God calls us and He provides every time – our God is a faithful God and has never once let us down. He supports His ministry and takes care of the finances. If people continue to do what they have been doing, then He will look after that as well. He has already awoken one person, and now she’s putting things right while also sharing her conviction with others.

Appreciation of God’s Provision

Many haven’t yet considered how LLATL, Apologia and Math-U-See were introduced to South Africa. God supernaturally provided funds for Oikos to fly over to America and to meet with authors and resource providers. This happened every single time we’ve needed to go to America for home education (Homeschool) needs.

One time when we went to America to get Apologia, we didn’t have any funds. A woman came up to me with a dollar cheque and said, “I have no idea why, but God told me I’ve got to give this cheque to you.”

It covered the expenses exactly, no more and no less. That’s what He does, that’s what our Lord does!