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Do I need the KONOS Compass? And can I get the KONOS Compass from Oikos?

We used to stock the KONOS Compass at Oikos for many years, however it is very American based, in that it guides parents with the relevant activities which need to be done according to USA “State” regulations which do not apply here in South Africa. So although the Compass does have a variety of other good content, a huge portion of it is not South African applicable. This was causing South Africans to get caught up in trying to follow requirements which do not pertain to their country.

The same applies to ‘KONOS Creating the Balance DVD’s’ course. These are produced in America with American guidance. Although they do hold a lot of excellent content they do not necessary pertain to a South African living lifestyle, hence we produced a KONOS workshop here in South Africa. We hope you will find this helpful to watch.