Why would a student go all the way to age 18 with Oikos?

I recently received a letter from a mom requesting clarity regarding young adult years through Oikos and the transition across to the Cambridge exams. It seemed helpful to have some instant clarity on certain matters. Below is my response to her questions.

  1. Cambridge AS (grade 12/13) exams recommend a student to be at the cognitive level of 18 years or older.
  2. The Oikos journey with Oikos resources are preparing thinking skills, research skills, adult skills and training, not just focussing on academic preparedness. Hence the young adults are being equipped and prepared to be ready for adult life, including the writing of cambridge exams (if they so desire).
  3. The student may, by age 18, having reached a level of maturity, decide not to write cambridge exams and go directly to university, or college, or the work place etc. and either do entrance exams or submit the portfolio they have developed through their Oikos journey.