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We have three children and we want to start home schooling. Our little one loves preschool so now I need to know, do I start home schooling all my children at the same time or should I bring them into home school one at a time? I think it may be easier for me if I leave the little one at pre-school while I settle into home schooling the other two.

When it comes to the little one in preschool, we have never had our children in school so I cannot speak from personal experience, but I have heard from many families that they have regretted waiting to bring ALL their children home. They say it had a negative effect taking the little one to and from preschool, while home educating (Homeschooling) the others and having spent fun time with them at home. This seemed to cause, in some families, some behaviour problems from the ones at home which impacted negatively on the one returning from preschool, (or regular school).

This is what can happen.

The ‘school’ going child/children return to either be told by the one at home what a fun ‘home school’ morning they’ve had with mom, or what a terrible time it’s been and the ones at school will communicate either way also. So this is a breeding ground for jealousy, confusion, rejection and so on. Therefore if anyone asks us the above question we tell them about these testimonies but even more importantly we say the following.

If you as a family feel convicted to bring your child home to home educate (Homeschool) them and grow as a family together in this lifestyle, then it may be that the social or sporty child, children, may object and ‘prefer’ to stay at school and the one who is having struggles with being at school may love the idea. However, whatever may result from their reactions, if you as a family are choosing this lifestyle for raising your children, then we strongly recommend you make the commitment from the start for the whole family. We have strong convictions but we also have mostly negative testimonies from families who have taken this step in stages rather than taking the leap and bringing them all home to start together.

If you feel afraid that you will not cope with all of them at home at the same time instead of taking them out of school in stages, then remember the testimonies of others who have taken it in stages, who have shared how much more difficult it was to settle this way. While trying to establish a home educating (Homeschooling) environment but also still going to and from schools, having to comply with school regulations and not being able to embrace all the benefits of home education (Homeschooling). They advise other families to take the leap because it was only once they were all at home that they could really benefit from this lifestyle.

Finally, we have some Top 10 series such as the Top 10 Fears and the Top 10 Treasures in Home Education. Please try watch those. We hope you will find them helpful to you.