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Can I return an Oikos resource if I find it is not what I need?

We hope that having the assessments and placements on the site will help parents accurately assess their needs so that they do not purchase the wrong level books for their children. We also have sample pages of every resource and listed the contents, and done a video clip for each book. We hope that this helps parents not order incorrectly.

Also, I’m sure you will understand and appreciate that returned books are immediately ‘used’ due to them not having come straight off the print press and into a package, but rather they have travelled, been handled, then travelled again to be returned to us. So our experience from the past is that the resources being returned arrives looking somewhat ‘second-hand’. So we put them on the missionary shelf and make them available at a discounted price to orphanages or schools.

So, we do not ‘usually’ accept returns because I am sure you can imagine what that could incur – lots of management and lots of loss.

Just yesterday I received a return request from a mom who had done 2 lessons in Orange LLATL with her child and asked if she could return the Orange Book because she thinks she should rather have ordered Purple Book!

Of course there are always exceptions to the greater rule but thus far, due to us being a ministry whereby we do not build in extra charges to cover such losses we prefer to not handle returns as far as is reasonably possible, thereby keeping the books more affordable for you.

We are aware that although the majority of American, and some South African companies, offer full money back guarantees, we however, are not in a position to offer this in Oikos.

I’m sure you can appreciate, if I were to purchase a book, resource or course from Exclusive Books for example, I would not be able to return it a few months later. On researching this we have found that the companies that offer such policies have built-in additional charges to cover this service.

If you need to contact us regarding the matter of returns please do so and we will do our best to help.