Will you be able to sell me individual pieces of your Homeschool resource sets/packages?

As you will notice, there are ‘some’ items (Oikos resources) which are in sets or pairs. This is by request of the supplier/author/developers.

For example. Math-U-See is offered as a pair with Parent/Teacher Manual AND, DVD’s. The Student book is a pair being the Workbook and Test book. Excellence in Writing have their discs in sets. Such as Level A Intensive course – 4 discs – Level A Continuation course – 9 discs.

The authors have good reason for keeping their resources as sets, mostly it is because this completes the programme, so if they separated them it presents a fragmented curriculum. The authors do not allow us to present these grouped times as individual items due to that resulting in a weakening of their product.

However, there are exceptions, for example:

A person who has previously ordered a pair, or set and one item in the set is either lost or damaged. In this instance we are able to provide just the one item and by so doing we separate the set as a special consideration for each case.

So if you need to purchase only one of the items from any ‘grouped’ resources you will need to write to us so we can consider your special request and do what we can to accommodate you. We usually need to get clearance and permission from authors/suppliers for these special requests. We would then give you a quote to purchase your requested item separately and then you decide if that is acceptable to you and we proceed or not.

Lastly, one of the considerations we have to apply when issuing quotes for individual items which are usually sold in a set, is that we need to check our records to see if the person making the request has bought the complete set in the first instance. The reason for this is that we are able to ‘replace’ previously bought items, if a person has lost or damaged what they originally bought. We are not permitted to sell ‘pieces’ of a set to those who have possibly acquired the other part of the product via other sources.