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Does Oikos have a Homeschool preschool curriculum?

Oikos doesn’t offer a ‘formal’ preschool programme and this is why.

We strongly believe in a natural lifestyle of learning and children learn so much through play and fun we suggest that moms get into the KONOS lifestyle and then move onto the more formal learning such as maths and language as and when the child shows interest and when the parents assess when they ready for that.

Some children may show an interest to read at a much younger age than others so it is all dependent on each individual child. However please be patient and do not rush into formal learning the moment your child shows an interest because they may not be ready for it in other ways. We strongly suggest you read the popular book by Dr. Raymond and Dorothy Moore. Better Late than Early.

You can start introducing and begin living the KONOS Lifestyle from the very early years, as young as toddler stage. The reason why this is possible is because KONOS is a Parent training manual, in that it helps give parents a directive in focussing on training their children’s characters. So although activities may be aimed at slightly older children, the objective remains the same throughout KONOS and that being the training and moulding of character.

Please watch the video clips for KONOS living where we share with you the vision of this lifestyle. We produced these clips when our children were very little and now they are both adults yet what was produced then still applies today.

KONOS is the heart of the Oikos curriculum together with bible studies from a very young age.

We hope that parents enjoy their little ones, toddlers, and allow natural learning to happen without putting themselves and their children through unnecessary stress of trying to follow and keep up with a daily preschool programme which can inhibit natural play and learning.

Rest assured that once you are into the KONOS living through Oikos you will then progress onto the formal when needed. You can see for yourself testimonies of those who have travelled the Oikos road and are very well educated at a high level of quality and standard of education, however the best part is their wonderful memories of childhood and young adulthood because of their fun experience of learning.

So although we do not offer you a preschool programme to follow we do offer KONOS for a lifestyle which we hope will direct you in the training of character while your little children learn through having fun and playing.