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Do the higher level Apologia Creation Science books need to follow a specific order?

Where do I start in the higher level Apologia books?

Yes, they do follow a sequential order.

Each book most definitely steps up in the level of difficulty. It would be quite a challenge for a student to skip a book, jumping to a higher level. It’s like this, try doing chemistry before you’ve reached a certain relevant level in maths, it would be near impossible! So it is important to go level by level as depicted in the order which they are appear on the site.

If you look at the website and see what is covered in the first of the junior higher level books, that being, General Science and Physical Science you can establish from that if your children have a good solid grasp of those topics from a general knowledge point of view. If not then there would be no harm in starting with General Science. However, IF, they have already covered these topics through some other means, being at school or other home ed science resources, and so this would then be repetitive to them, then you could skip General Science and move to the Physical Science book and apply the same steps of assessing where they at.

General Science is a junior high level and lays a good general knowledge foundation. Physical Science is taking the student into the higher level sciences.

Thereafter you just continue level by level as they appear on the site.

Here is a testimony about the importance of following the sequential order of Apologia and how to help your student do so!

Our son was not keen on the subject of biology, with him being the maths/science minded guy, so he said to us that he would like to go from Physical Science straight to Chemistry. We warned him that the leap would possibly be too much but he was sure he would manage it. Six weeks into chemistry he picked up the biology book (we already had it because our daughter had devoured it!) and he thoroughly enjoyed it, it was at his level of grasping and the topic became interesting to him. On completing Biology he went onto Chemistry and by that stage his maths was at the level to cope with Chemistry. So, our son discovered, if you skip Biology and jump straight to Chemistry you realise very quickly that Chemistry requires some higher level thinking (maturity helps a lot) and it helps if Biology is under the belt before leaping into Chemistry and of course the extra maths skills acquired by then.

Now about the Advanced higher level science. A student would only do Advanced Physics and Advanced Chemistry if they were headed for a degree which requires this. Or they would do it because it fascinated them and they loved that aspect of science. To think they can reach this level of Advanced Science books by age 18 would be a rare thing, in fact I know only two students who went to the end of ALL the Apologia books including the Advanced books by the time they were 19, mostly students don’t go all the way.

The order in which they appear on the store is the correct order to work through them.