Does Oikos offer discounts? What is the Bargain Box? Can anyone order from the Bargain Box?

Some actually wanted to call the Bargain Bin the Blessing Bin but that was over-ruled, but that is what we hope you will find the Bargain Bin to be – a Blessing.

The Bargain Bin has in it books that we at Oikos have not approved as far as standard and quality are concerned.

A little bit of history –  we spent a number of years getting printing rights for a number of the resources that we now use here in South Africa. We had to get printing and distribution rights from the supplier(e.g. Konos , Math U See or LLATL.)

We got the printing rights from the creators, authors or developers of these various resources, and to get these printing rights we had to meet certain criteria and standards, and to maintain those rights we have to keep up to date with the latest revision or upgrade that the developer produces. We have to re-do our master files and the printing of that product, it is an ongoing process, which we do here at Oikos. This saves us having to ship them across here and we can print on demand, so to speak, as the need arises. We avoid the costs of shipping and the duty on imports, it is a privilege to be able to produce these resources locally for our South African, and wider, market.

It is a time consuming process because there are people involved, we do obviously have machinery but each book is hand made. Take the example of Adam and his Kin by Ruth Beechick.

The book has been scanned in as we have to digitise it, this process is what we call pre-flight. Then everything has to be made straight, the page numbers have to be collated, it has to be 100% accurate and pass the quality checks that it needs to. It has to be printed and bound.

Then as we are in the final stages of production, it has been printed, stitched and bound and we come to trim it and it is trimmed crooked, or there is a line across the a page (being a printer error)  it is considered a damaged book. It could also have a problem with the amount of glue used in the binding process. So the book is brand new, the content is not changed in any way, but the production has not been perfect. We are not going to place these books into our stock, we put all the books through 3 different quality checks before they are packed into the parcels that eventually arrive at your door and come into your home.

What about all those damaged books? Until recently we placed all these books into the “Mission room” and we placed them into children homes at a reduced, damaged rate. We have now received permission from our suppliers to pass that reduced rate on to you.

So if you are on our online store placing an order you can now pop across to the Bargain Bin and you might find one of the titles you are looking for in this Bin and be able to get it at a cheaper price, which we would like to think would be a blessing to you.

We aim to give you not only the best quality but great service and support.The books from the Bargain Bin are not perfect, but we assure you they are just damaged in the production process and they are brand new.

Our prices have to be revised from time to time and these changes are based on our Royalty payments, the changes in the price of the glue, the paper or some other raw material. The glue is very expensive and all our input prices do keep escalating, so just as our new prices fluctuate so will our Bargain Bin prices.

We hope that these products will be a Blessing to you. The quantities will fluctuate as we do not print to order for the Bargain Bin as we do for our traditional Oikos Store Stocks.