How are Apologia and Oikos connected?

We, Oikos Family Ministries, are the distributors for Apologia Science. I, Sonja, personally, met Dr. Jay L. Wile, author and developer of Apologia, some years back whilst on a ministry tour in America.

Long story short, we invited Dr. Jay to come to South Africa and we took him on a tour to each Province (well almost all of them) thereafter we introduced and launched Apologia Science in South Africa.

We are aware Apologia is available through other sources however this is due to changes in the ownership of Apologia in America. That’s another story! However Oikos, here in South Africa, is kept up to the minute with the latest developments of the Apologia resources, as we are their South African distributor.

We also have a few Oikos productions for you to watch where we speak to Dr Jay on this topic.