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Must we do the Apologia Science Books?
Do my children ‘need’ to do Apologia Sciences to get credits?

How does one answer that? It is up to each individual student and each individual family. I will share our personal testimony in answer to this question.

Our daughter, Missy, did up to and completed Biology, and then did 3 modules of Chemistry. James, our son, did half of Chemistry and then moved onto computer science and website languages.

Now about credits and if they ‘must’ have them.

Directly put, No.

Why then do Apologia Science?

This is why. The Apologia Young Explores books and the Exploring Creation through Science higher level books are amazing interactive books but more importantly they take us and our children on a journey to discover our amazing scientist and creator, God.

This of course is achieved through KONOS because we are focussing on Him, His character and our characters being transformed more into His image, however Apologia science opens our eyes and understanding to deeper aspects of awe and amazement of our God that otherwise we would not have explored and possibly never discovered. So we never did Apologia to remember knowledge and scientific language, it was more about discovering Him.

About Biology… for those who feel they do not have an interest in the subject of Biology, what we discovered was an amazing adventure of discovering LIFE in a great way.

KONOS H.O.W. takes the student on a discovery journey of the Word, how history affects us today, art, geography, etc., but does not take us on a journey of discovery of the amazing LIFE which God has created for us so that we can gain a deeper appreciation of His GREATNESS as a CREATOR of ALL.

Now about credits…

If a student goes towards the arts I very much doubt the college will need to know what science credits the student has! If a student shows their portfolio from having done KONOS HOW this is what will matter more. However I would always encourage parents to take their children on any journey which will cause them to be MORE AMAZED by our God and Apologia science is supposed to do that, that is why the author wrote it, not because he wants students to get science credits, but because he wants them to know God!

If a student has done the Apologia Higher Level Science books then naturally they will have experience and education in that field up to whatever level they went to in the Apologia journey and this would then be considered as credits towards further education in that field. You may also find the section on creating a portfolio helpful.