Can I do Math-U-See with just the Manipulative’s App? Or must I also have the physical blocks?

In short, the physical blocks are of utmost importance to the Math-U-See programme, and the app is merely an additional accompaniment.

With the recent release of the Manipulative’s App from Math-U-See there has been some confusion about whether this is a replacement for the physical blocks.

Here is Math-U-See’s answer to this question…

We now offer both physical and digital manipulatives. Digital Manipulatives are designed to make learning mobile and to supplement our physical manipulative’s. Most users find that the physical manipulatives provide a fuller and richer experience, however some find that virtual manipulatives can be more useful when traveling or illustrating certain concepts like addition of negative numbers. The physical manipulatives are the primary tool and an integral part of the Math-U-See instructional method. They have helped students be successful in math for almost 25 years. Digital manipulatives have the added advantage, however, of being convenient when on the go and helpful in building large problems. We recommend that the digital manipulatives be used as an additional tool to enhance instruction. Educational researchers are still evaluating the use of digital manipulatives in math instruction; we will continue to follow this research in our efforts to provide the best quality products, both physical and digital.

Seth Dunham – Director of Sales, Math-U-See