Math-U-See went digital, but how does this impact on us South Africans?

You might have heard about this. How does this affect the South African Maths U See?

An excerpt from the letter from Math U see reads ;-

As of now the Math U see digital packs are only the American version and are only available through Math U See USA. We have not yet worked out how this can be sold through our international partners.

We wish we could give you better news than that but this is where things stand at the moment. Keep in mind, however , that the digital packs are not the complete Math U See curriculum and that customers will still have to purchase the Student packs and should purchase the Instruction Manual and the physical manipulatives.

The Instruction Manual and DVD’s could possibly be replaced by the digital but there are still some things in the Instruction Manual that are not on the online version, plus those that don’t have reliable internet will be happy to have the physical product and DVD’s. We also strongly recommend the use of the physical manipulative and that you use the digital manipulative only as a supplementary product.

So what is the digital manipulative? This is available on the App store and those are not specific to any program but can be used by the USA and SA versions, but Math U see strongly urge you to use them only as an add on. You can find out more about the Math-U-See app here.

Oikos will continue supplying the complete SA Version.