Is Math-U-See to at the same level as Cambridge/Matric?

Yes, Math-U-See does take a student to grade 12/13 skill level.

A student may need to prepare specifically depending on the exam to be taken (South African Matric, Cambridge AS etc). This is because of the different ways in which the ‘maths language’ is presented. For example, a student may have covered certain aspects of Calculus, but the syllabus may require other aspects or methodologies.

So although Math-U-See most definitely takes students up to a grade 12/13 skill level, what must be kept in perspective is the current syllabus requirements of the respective qualifications.

The purpose behind Math-U-See:

  1. We believe that the Math-U-See method of instruction which focuses on conceptual mastery is the most important tool for test preparation. We believe that our methodology is one of the best ways to prepare students for continued maths instruction at the university level, maths utilization in the workforce and maths preparation for life.
  2. Sometimes the short term goal of scoring high on a specific test competes with the longer term goal of conceptual learning and mastery of the material. In such cases where the parent and student are more concerned with a test score we recommend using a test prep course or book to better prepare for test taking.
  3. There are also test taking “tips and tricks” which vary from test to test that have nothing to do with the maths comprehension required for the test and to learn those “tips and trick” we also recommend using a test preparation method suited to the test.
  4. Our goal is for each student to learn and understand the math concepts so they can be successful lifelong learners.

Ethan Demme (President & CEO of Math-U-See)

Our recommendation for Cambridge

After careful examination of the content of Cambridge courses, we conclude that a student who has completed Math-U-See up to and including the Geometry course could comfortably move across to Cambridge IGSE followed by AS level. However, we would advise students to complete Math-U-See Algebra 1 and 2 in order to master basic algebra concepts before switching to Cambridge IGSE. As with all other Math-U-See courses, these establish a firm understanding of concepts preparing the student for application. The Cambridge IGSE provides the opportunity for such application. It is thus an unnecessary expense to purchase a supplementary curriculum.

From the feedback we receive, it seems that parents are keen for their children to finish Cambridge AS levels by the time that they are 18 years old. This is not advisable because AS levels are best suited to the maturity and cognitive levels of a student 18 years and older. Should a student choose to start AS levels at age 18 instead of earlier, there is adequate time to complete Math-U-See algebra before embarking on the Cambridge finishing exams.

In conclusion, we would encourage you not to be in a hurry, but allow the education process to be complete through the Oikos lifestyle, whereby you can focus on more than just getting through the academic material. Consequently the student, with maturity on his side, can make wise choices as to what Cambridge subjects he should select in order to successfully prepare for tertiary education.