How canĀ I do a manual order?

Maybe you are having difficulty placing your order on-line, or maybe you do not have the facility to do that, but yet you would like some Oikos resources. So now you are a bit stuck, needing to place an order but not having a way to do so.

You may think the solution is to call us or email us and ask us to do the order for you. Those that have walked with Oikos for some years will know that is how we used to do it all those years back . That was actually the only way to do it. We would send you a catalogue, you would look through the catalogue, fill in the order form and fax it back.

We don’t even have a catalogue or a fax machine anymore.

Now things are much more streamlined and technology is much more efficient in this regard.

We would like to help you as effectively as possible.

If you go onto the Oikos site and you register you will be prompted to put all your details in there, such as your address and telephone number. Then you go into the shop and chose the resources you want by placing them in your basket (add to my basket) and follow the process where it finally asks you to decide whether you would like to pay by EFT or Credit Card.

Presuming you have been able to follow all the steps in the store , we then get the order instantly. If you have paid by credit card it is instant, if by EFT we have to wait for your proof of payment or the banks to notify us the deposit has been received before processing your order.

Now you have made your own order and it has come into your email inbox where you can see the order you have created and check that all the details are correct.

On our side we have your order with all the information we require. The day we receive the order we pull the order and pack it and the next day it is collected by the courier and they then deliver it to your door.

If you need us to make the order for you it will require us to email you asking for all the necessary data fields we need, you cannot give us those over the phone as we have cell phone and connectivity problems and could easily copy a digit down incorrectly. The parcel can then be delivered to the wrong place, or they phone and ask us to clarify the address and we try to phone you and on some occasions the call is not answered and experience has taught us that there is hitch after hitch which can make the whole process difficult, and that is what we want to avoid.

So although we can and do want to help you do your order we have learnt that if you can press on and take the steps on line the next time you order it will be even easier and you will become familiar with the web site and how it works.

The other advantage of you taking these steps is that in going on line to make your order you will discover other things such as discountsĀ  that we are offering or clearance sales and we don’t want you to miss out on those.

However if for some reason you are unable to place your order, we are here to help and you would need to take the following steps.

  1. Email us and after ensuring by return email that we have all the correct details, we will take it from there and create your order for you. As explained above there are a number of steps involved at this stage that can cause delays , so please be patient.
  2. We are not able to accept orders over the telephone as it just is not possible. We do not have telephone lines where we are (they were stolen) and the reception on our cell phones can be bad. There are too many variables to commit to this so we would prefer not to do that.
  3. We will then email you back your order and you will need to check it and let us know that we have understood your requirements correctly.
  4. We will then give you our bank details and ask you to do and EFT and only then, when we have proof of payment can we pull and pack your order.
  5. This all takes time and in the 3 – 7 days that it might have taken things may have changed, a book that was in stock might have gone out of stock, the price could have changed as we could have received a shipment the following day.
  6. These variables make the manual orders very complex and experience has proved that errors can result.

So even if you do not have the facilities yourself to do an on line order we urge you to find a way to do this, even if it means you must go to a friend and ask her to assist.

Ultimately to place your order yourself is the best way to do it, we are here to help and if you encounter any problems, just email us with your difficulties and we will try and help you through them.

It might be helpful to find someone who has placed orders on-line to help you through your first order.