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Do I need the additional picture books which go with Blue & Red LLATL?

Yes you will find having these picture books helpful. This is why.

These additional ‘picture books’ are the stories which you the parent read to your child throughout the programme. Once you’ve read one of these stories to your child then he/she will do an activity based on that story.

Later on, once your child has completed the Blue book and Red book reading programs, he/she will be able to read these “additional blue and red picture books” which you have read to them during the teaching process.

I found that my children developed personal favourites from these picture books. Later they read them themselves, we also used them for reference books for illustration/art lessons.

Some parents choose to use the picture books they already have at home or from the library so as to avoid having to buy these additional readers. This then requires them to adapt the activities in the student book to suit the story. It is of course preferable not to do this as it requires adapting the lessons, this extra work could be avoided if one uses the suggested picture books for the programme.

We have them indicated as ‘additional’ because in some cases parents already have some of these picture books in their homes and so they need not purchase again. (e.g. Peter Rabbit) hence them not being sold as a pack/set and being offered as individual additional books.