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I’m nervous that KONOS is going to take too much time in preparation for me as a Homeschooling mom. I need something where the lesson plans and prep is done for me. Is it not easier for me to have more ‘school at home’ individual subjects for each child than trying to teach them all at the same time? I don’t know how to do this and am not sure that I can.

I must say that to take on individual social study subjects for each child is not necessarily relieving the load as a home educating mom. I only say this as a result of the many families who have shared their personal experience in trying to do too many book related subjects with different aged children and a number of children.

Just think about it, in a school related environment where teachers have a classroom of children, the children are all the same age, or a very similar age bracket. So a teacher is teaching one grade level of curriculum with different subject matter books to work through for the whole year. As a home educator you are not doing this, you have brought your children ‘out’ of this system of education and now have the privilege of teaching a variety of ages the same topic at the same time at their varying age levels. In other words it’s not required of you to have to teach each child different content material for each different subject. This is what makes KONOS such a blessing in that you are all learning the same thing at the same time. Generally you would peg your teaching level at your eldest child and then the rest catch what is being taught or they simply do activities based at their appropriate age and skill level.

As far as preparation goes. One of the reasons people benefit from KONOS living is that the family prepare together, it’s not meant to be up to mom to do all the prep on her own. Let me give you an example; The Patience unit, and the activities are about bread making so all of you go into the kitchen to make bread together. All the mom has to do is make sure the ingredients are there. If it is something that is more knowledge based then the mom, with the children, would go do the necessary research, together. So you see mom is not supposed to go and get all the research and readiness done ahead of time and not include the children in the whole learning process.

Maths and Language are done separately, level by level, concept upon concept. With Math-U-See and LLATL, Learning Language Arts Through Literature, the lessons are already prepared in such a way that it is just a case of moving on through the lessons day by day.

Back to the prep for KONOS. Please watch the videos to see how doing KONOS with many children works together with little before hand preparation time required.

Simply put, a mom’s preparation would be:

  1. She reads through the unit which has been decided upon (for example Patience)
  2. Marks which activities suit her family
  3. Takes note of the possible things she may need for some of the activities
  4. Then the family do KONOS together.

We have the KONOS workshop on the site for you to watch as it is produced in segments which are topic related so you can pick whichever video is applicable to you to watch.