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How do I know if my Homeschooled children are keeping up to the standards of the schools and keeping abreast with their age or grade level? And how can I be sure they will be ready for matric?

With regard to keeping a measure that your children are progressing adequately there are built in assessments throughout the necessary sequential learning material such as language, maths and science. The parent can assess all the way through the resources what level their children are at and what they are grasping, understanding, or what they are not. A parent will not get the next book just because it is the following year and the child must be at that level, they are going to want to be sure the child is ready for that next book.

Exams, tests, reports, are for school systems to make sure everyone is moving on and up to keep them all grouped, this is not necessary in the home environment. If the mom is under pressure from an outside source to have her children ready for exams which are being evaluated outside of the home environment then that is what puts the mom under stress.

We have found that to have the assessments built in and for the parent to take the responsibility of this while considering each child’s learning abilities, and the families needs, as well as the various characters and personalities of each family member then parents are assessing their own children, they don’t need someone to tell them their child is slow to read, they know that.

Then they, the parent, will do what is required to help the child, it is their child, they love their child they will not push them onto the next reading level just because they trying to keep the child abreast with the grade levels in the school system.

With regard to being concerned about whether they will be ready for matric.

There are young adult video clips on the site where young people are sharing their Oikos testimonies, and in them they say that although it was not the norm when they were being home educated, they would not change it for anything because they feel so equipped for adult life and the richer for it all. They did not follow grades and their parents focus was not about keeping them in line with what was required by the school system, grade by grade.

Oikos students are not all fitting into one box called matric, each one has the opportunity through Oikos to be directed in the calling and leading for their individual lives, hence it not being a ‘one package fits all’ system.

In fact Oikos is a ministry, not a system, and the ministry is to guide parents to raise their children for God’s kingdom purpose here on earth. Oikos resources, Oikos ministries, is what supports parents and students to be equipped in this way for His purpose.