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KONOS is very American. How can I use it effectively as a South African?

KONOS was written in America by two home educating moms. However it was written with a whole world picture, there are even units about Africa in it!

The main focus and objective of KONOS is to train character not necessarily to focus on culture, tradition, etc. So it could be written anywhere by anyone because its basis is the Bible and the activities are aimed at building character traits such as attentiveness, obedience, patience, etc.

The focus is not knowledge about ‘things’ but its about character and training of that. For example you want your children to be obedient, kind, patient etc regardless of what knowledge they may or may not have.

So the KONOS file is a ‘parent training manual’ and a fun activities manual to raise children with the focus being character development.

Wherever there are American aspects in KONOS one just adapts them to meet your specific needs, whether you live in South Africa, Asia, Australia, UK or wherever.
For example, if the unit is Attentiveness and there are activities based on the “American Indians” to illustrate their attentiveness characteristics then instead, as South Africans, we looked at the Zulus because we live in Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa. So when an activity in the KONOS manual suggested we build a miniature TeePee we built a model clay Zulu hut.

Another example: the Unit is Determination and the topic is explorers and the activity is to look at the ship, the Mayflower, and read about Christopher Columbus. Well, we looked at the ship which our ancestors came to South Africa on from Norway and it was called, Lapland, and we read about Vasco De Gamma as an explorer of South African shores. It does not take much to adapt the activities to match your specific families geographic location and personal family heritage to make the learning more meaningful to the children rather than just studying the topic for the sake of knowledge. Many of the other activities related to this topic in this unit would suggest things such as, build a ship, research the diseases suffered by the passengers on the ships, etc. This had no relevance whether or not we in South Africa or Australia or elsewhere, so you see it does not really matter that it has a stronger American slant because what matters is we are teaching our children about growing their characters and having strong determination as is illustrated through the explorer activities and the importance of being good stewards (in the Stewardship Unit) of our bodies when we learnt about diseases, etc.

Please don’t let the fact that KONOS was written in America by Americans put you off and by so doing you could miss out on the many blessings of growing in character for His greater purposes.