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I’m working and would like to start homeschooling but I’m not sure we can afford it because it would mean I must give up my job. How much does it cost to home school?

First let me tell you this, hundreds of people have given up their jobs to take on home education and it’s working out well in many respects including financially. In fact, a friend just told me she did research on the cost of her children being in school and all the hidden costs, etc., and then as a result of her findings she has given up her job. It was costing them more as a family to send their children to the local school than what she is earning! So they have opted to home educate. She said that just the uniforms for the year cost her what the Oikos resources for maths and languages cost her. She said she is now going to sell the uniforms at the second hand clothing shop!

I do respect that this is dependant largely on what an individual is earning, however another friend, a professional person gave up her practise to home educate her children, and because she was bringing in a professional income she had her children at private school. So even having given up a professional income, taking them out of private school and home educating them still worked in their favour, on more levels than only financial considerations.