I’m a single parent. Can I use Oikos to Homeschool my children?

Firstly, we have a number of moms who find the Oikos lifestyle suited to their single parenting, so take comfort in that. There a few reasons that the Oikos Lifestyle for home education suits the single parent scenario:

Affordable, yet of an extremely high quality and standard and thus it gives excellent value for money. (Costs are often a concern for single parents)

No demands or expectations from the curricula provider, so the single parent can manage education in the time afforded to them, not the time requested by from the provider.

Assurance that if a parent is being responsible and steadily and routinely working through the resources with her children – in the time which works for the family and the situation – by the end of the resources a parent can rest in knowing that the children have received an education of a high standard and quality, even though they didn’t do ‘provider related’ exams. They did however do continual assessments, tests, and exams which are built into the maths, language and sciences curriculums.

Helping-hand resources:

All the maths lessons in the Math-U-See programme are presented on DVD so the children can watch Steve Demme, their personal maths tutor, teach, and then they do the lesson. They can then call on the parent for help when needed.

Excellence in Writing, by Andrew Pudewa. He is also a passionate tutor on DVD, giving lessons and exercises so the children can watch and do and progress with Andrew teaching them in their own home.

Furthermore Oikos is hoping to bring more help to families regarding entrepreneurship, so in a single parent situation this help will hopefully result in the children’s learning taking place on a broader level than just focussing on knowledge/social study subject based learning.

Budget Friendly Ordering

Pick and choose according to your budget when you can manage. In other words you need not get everything for a specific age or grade level all at the same time. Example you can just pick maths, and then a few months later, or when funds are available, language, and so on.

You don’t ever have to have all the ‘nice to have’ extras, they are there as additional resources. Not having them does not mean the children will suffer without! We also suggest bible study resources as an imperative first step, as this is of great importance and priority to God. If you, for example, cannot afford the LLATL language programme and you have a bible, your children can read daily from that while keeping their language skills growing. If your children are not yet reading and you’re waiting to afford the LLATL Blue Book teaching to read programme, then you can read aloud to them daily, while you wait. So you see, you need not stress about what you can or cannot afford. Keeping it simple is one of the founding scriptures of Oikos and we hope that this is a comfort to single parents in that they find the blessing in less is best!

Take the Time you Need

The formal learning may take longer due to the children either helping in the support of the family, or not having as much time with the parent as would be the case if a parent were able to dedicate all their time to the children whilst also being the breadwinner. This is not a problem as you should be proceeding in a systematic and consistent manner and you will find that in most instances, your children will be ‘ahead’ of their school going peers.

Final Note

Lastly, please spend time on the Oikos Family website, getting know it well. Don’t be overwhelmed. See it as a new friend whom you don’t yet know well but will get to know by spending time with the website, this will support you through the years of single parenting.

When you go grocery shopping, you don’t necessary buy all the “nice to haves” because the budget is limited, so you buy what is wholesome and nutritious to be sure the family are getting well fed.

The same is true with Oikos materials. Feed their spirits with the bible resources, train and mould their characters with KONOS living, exercise and train their minds with maths, language and science and you have wholesome provision for your children. You may not be able to provide it all at once though, and that is also fine. We do however encourage you to keep the order of priorities of what is needed in perspective with God’s priorities and not the world’s/system’s/neighbor’s/families’ and so on.

May you find strength which comes from JOY in serving Him as you raise the children He has entrusted to your care.