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How do I know which Homeschool resources to order?

First, it is a good idea to get an overall view and understanding of the bigger picture of Oikos so you start by watching the Starting Steps on the site which will guide you in ordering the resources which are the heart beat of Oikos, that being KONOS and Bible study. You would have to understand more about KONOS living by watching the video clips produced for this purpose. Then – You do the placement or assessments with your children to establish their ability or skill level. Broadly speaking, most families purchase, KONOS, for the lifestyle and all the social study subjects, then Math-U-See and LLATL (for language studies), at the appropriate level per child.  We cannot tell you which LLATL or Maths book to purchase because it is very dependent on your children’s assessment results which you would do on the site.

An example of what an order could look like would be…

    (whichever volume you have chosen after getting an understanding on which character traits you want to begin with)
  • Bible Study:
    Picture Smart and Student workbooks.
  • Language Studies:
    LLATL – Parent book and student book and 4 readers – level dependent on assessment results per child.
    (however you may already have some of the readers in which case you will only buy the readers you do not have)
  • Math:
    Parent Manual and DVD Set
    Student Book
    One set of Manipulative Blocks (only one set is required for all the children)
  • Science:
    Science in the Beginning by Dr Jay Wile, or one of the Young Explorers books to accompany the unit you’re starting with in KONOS
    (however this is a typical example of what can wait, you can get this resource later once you are living the learning/living lifestyle and know where you headed)
  • Extension Language:
    Again, an add-on for later once you settled into the lifestyle