Do I need the ‘extra’ resources listed at the beginning of each topic in the KONOS file or can I manage without?
Does Oikos stock/carry any of the resources listed in the KONOS file?

We used to carry a HUGE variety of resources for every character trait unit but now we no longer do so for the following reasons:

  1. When we carried stock of a selection of resources they were very slow moving even though people had asked for them and so we sourced as much as we could but the capital outlay of a huge variety of stock sitting on the shelf no longer warranted us holding stock of these additional resources.
  2. We ourselves found we had better KONOS experience when ‘doing’ activities rather than learning through books. We did not have a library or internet and Google was not available to us when we were living KONOS, consequently we DID a lot of the activities which resulted in many wonderful memories. Remember KONOS is about training character not about gaining knowledge.
  3. Now that there is Google we no longer need to carry these many additional titles and furthermore you don’t need to buy them because you can access whatever extra information you may need on Google and better still you can have hands on learning experiences by doing as much rather than learning out of books, or from Google!

So those are the reasons we no longer carry the HUGE variety of titles however we do keep a few special resources.
The range of Science books from Apologia Young Explorers are very supportive reference resources for the KONOS manual. Let me give you an example:

  • The Botany book, very handy while doing the plant and plant classification topics in Patience and Orderliness.
  • For Attentiveness, Zoology 1, Flying Creatures for the bird topic.
  • For Orderliness, the Astronomy book for the topic of planets.
  • These are beautiful ‘coffee table’ books and wonderful reference books for KONOS. They are useful as reference books as they are a helpful tool while doing the KONOS character units. One of the benefits is that your children can always go back to them later and study them in more detail if they have an interest in any of the specific topics in this series.

Another specially selected book to accompany KONOS is, Favourite Poems Old and New. This has a huge amount of the recommended poems from KONOS in it. And although it seems to be a costly outlay for one book, you will never need to purchase another poetry book after this one, because it is so VERY comprehensive. It has 598 pages of poetry, covering many different categories which are used throughout KONOS and LLATL  (Learning Language Arts Through Literature).

Remember that KONOS is about enjoying DISCOVERY learning together.

I must share a personal testimony with you now about the ‘extra’ resources:

We where astounded by God’s provision through our KONOS journey as we didn’t have all these extra books and resources available to us at that time. One such provision moment comes to mind now. It was when we were studying bees in the Cooperation unit in KONOS Volume 3. We had exhausted our world book encyclopaedia, (remember we didn’t have internet and Google) but we still wanted to know more, and really understand the intrigue of the hive, and then this is what happened. Our neighbours had friends over for the weekend and invited us over for coffee to meet them. During the course of the visit we discovered that the man was a bee keeper and owned a bee farm! And that is not all, he was heading to his other farm after the weekend to set up new hives so he had all the ‘tools for his trade’ in his car. We where amazed and so we told with him of our quandary on finding more information about bees so he immediately went to his car to collect his bits and gave us an entire demonstration of the bee hive. He then invited us to his farm where we watched as they robed the hives and spun the honey out into a smooth clear stream that trickled into one jar after the next. Our Lord is so amazing, and always cares for our needs and provides what is needed when.