Can we combine our orders?

Parents out there are trying to be very good stewards. So what they are doing is combining their orders with the sister, or friend, or whoever it might be who is also placing an Oikos order. So two Moms decide to get together and put their orders together as they may be meeting weekly in a support group, and can sort the orders out when they arrive at the next meeting.

They do this to be good stewards and are being sensible. Please allow me to tell you however what is happening on the other end. I’m here today to encourage you not to combine your orders for a number of reasons, last week we had 3 Moms combining their orders, it started becoming a bit of a clerical nightmare and so one of the Mom’s dropped out and decided she would just place her order on her own and have it sent to her.

The other two Mom’s went ahead and placed their order together. Then one Mom decided to change her order, while the other Mom needed the invoice to go to a different place with different billing details on that invoice. Of course on our side, we only see it as one order. So the order has all the shipping and billing details for the first Mom, while the other Mom has asked the first mom if she would mind the invoice to be changed, as she needs to have an invoice for tax purposes showing her details, but only with her items on that invoice.

I am hoping that you have caught on by now that we end up in a scramble while we try to fulfil both Mom’s needs. they are both writing to us asking for different considerations. What it results in is that we can spend three days (no exaggeration) trying to sort this out, and the reason for the Mom’s combining their orders was that the one Mom’s order was below R1000 and she wanted to save money on the courier. The courier fee was going to cost in the region of R85 but by the time this order was sent out it had cost her and her friend numerous phone calls, emails and time, so we do not think it saved the Mom’s anything in the long run. This example is current, it only happened last week but it happens repeatedly.

We can see that it is not working out that well, we are unable to issue two separate invoices for one order listing different items on each, as that presents an accounting nightmare, the invoices are generated directly from your order on the website.
So please don’t be tempted to do the combined order, it is not necessary at the end of the day. We would rather you have the blessing of having the courier delivery direct to your door with all the additional benefits.

Please, we encourage you to avoid the problems for yourself and ourselves.