Can I collect my order and visit you at Oikos Ministry Base?

With regard to visits at Oikos, rest assured, we have not forgotten you. In fact it is because of the many more families out there that we are setting, ‘blocks of time’, for filming the video clips which are required, to attend to the growing needs. In this way we hope to be helping you in such a way that not only can we keep the support coming your way, with publishing and printing the resources, but also produce video clips on practical tips for your Oikos learning lifestyle and explanation productions for each resource.

Regarding those who are travelling on route to their holidays and want to pop into Oikos to collect orders. Often the motivation for this is two fold:

Families want to save on having the order couriered. (We now offer free courier so that is no longer a factor)

It’s always nice to meet those who are serving you in your home education journey.

However, with the fuel prices doing what they are we have found that in fact it is not always working out for families to collect orders from Oikos due to us being +-30km’s from the nearest town (Howick) on gravel roads in the Karkloof (KZN Midlands). These roads are not always passable so it can become complicated.

With regard to meeting and having time.

This has become more difficult to slot in with peoples travel times and us having blocked studio times. But, we also know that the studio time is all for the sake of being able to help more effectively than a pop-in visit because we can do so much more for families by getting these clips produced.

We hope this helps bring understanding to why this plan is now being implemented as we continue to endeavour to keep improving our support of you in this chosen lifestyle.

The last point, which we would prefer to not have to include but it is a fact and reality is that we are no longer able to have people come to the base without us taking out public liability insurance! We do not have this insurance cover currently hence this being yet another reason why we have had to find other ways to support, that being the productions.

We look forward to seeing you on cyber space through the video clips on the Oikos site.