Can I look inside the books?

Maybe you have clicked on this video because you want to see the books. Physically see the books

We understand this because over all the years that we have been selecting the Oikos resources to be able to supply them to you we have ourselves had to purchase many of them on-line and have not been able to review them.

Then when we get them delivered we see that they don’t meet the standards that we need them to meet at Oikos, so then we can’t use them at Oikos and certainly are unable to pass them on to you. So it would have been preferable if we had been able to see the book before we made the purchase.

What we have done is travelled to conventions and around the world to make our selections by physically looking at the book and it’s contents. That also becomes expensive and impractical, so how do we address the situation?

What we have done at Oikos, is to put the book on-line and put some of the content sample pages of that book, a list of the contents of the book and then we have done a video on that book.

We hope this is going to assist this particular need as in “wanting to physically see the book.”

The other thing that is really good news for home educators in South Africa  and other parts of the

world is that you might know somebody who is “doing Oikos” so that you might be able to have a look at some of their resources that they have in their home.

I do hope that you will be comforted by the fact that the resources we offer have all been approved by Oikos and have met the criteria pertaining to Oikos specifications, so that we are confident that you do not have to be concerned that you are making a mistake. Of course there are instances when you might order the wrong level for your child and this is why we have put the placement tests on the site, with the resources, so that you can do these with your children before buying the product. We have also made the “Starting Steps” video to enable you to make informed decisions.

It might also be that you have a friend who has been able to physically see the books at Oikos base, because we used to be able to provide that service, however we aren’t able to any more due to things changing and altered circumstance, so that we are no longer able to offer this service.

On the flip side of not being able to see the books physically is that there is now this technology that has made it easy for us to provide you with the on-line service, that enables us to reach many more people, orphanages and children homes than we would be able to do on a one-to-one basis.

We do hope that this will suffice and you find that everything that we offer on the site exceeds your expectations.