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I’ve bought the wrong Homeschooling curriculum, now what do I do?

I know it is difficult when you purchase a programme which then doesn’t necessarily give you the results you hoped for. It happens. It may be an expense you could have done without but at the same time if we consider how ‘little’ we need to spend on our children’s education when keeping them at home we can overlook the odd mistake purchase here and there. However, don’t panic or be sad because its probably possible that whatever books you have can be slotted into your home library for use through your home educating years.

What is not good to overlook however is trying to press on with a programme that is NOT working simply because it cost money, it’s just not worth it.

And I can be bold enough to share with you that we don’t get returns of LLATL or Excellence in Writing, or other Oikos resources, with parents saying it hasn’t worked for their child.

To be honest, I had one mom last year who told me that LLATL is not working for her son, he was 14. I then made a big announcement to our Oikos team that this was the first mom who had ever told me this in 20 years! It turned out that the mom was approaching it all wrong and she wrote to me to tell me so and that now her son is enjoying LLATL again.

Then there is my own experience. Our daughter just loved LLATL but our son did LLATL with lead feet, but he loved Excellence in Writing. So the truth is our son did not love doing LLATL, in all his home education years LLATL was his least favourite, but just because of that it doesn’t mean it ‘didn’t work’! It was an area we had to encourage him through, which was good character building opportunities and thank goodness for Excellence in Writing which gave him confidence and passion to write and now he composing the most heart felt letters and also formal and business letters when necessary. So does he remember his grammar? No, he does not. Does he write and communicate exceptionally well? Yes, he does.

So there you have it. If you have a curriculum which simply is wrong on every level, move on and put it down to a lesson well learnt, and if you have a resource your child is struggling with it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the wrong, it could be the way it’s being used.