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A mom wrote the following to Oikos…
If I start on this path and find it is not working with my children will they be able to adjust to go back into the “grade” that they should be in at school (i.e. If I do grade 9 at home and discover it is not working, how easy will it be for my child and will the normal schools accept her back into the system in grade 10 or will she need to repeat grade 9.)

The schools only need to know the skill level of maths and language not the social study subjects. And so the answer is YES, children very easily slot back into the school system, if that needs to happen, because they would have had one on one tuition up until then.

Many have found when they have had to slot back in they are way above the level required, because the Oikos resources they were using gave them such a high standard and also it is the way they learn with the Oikos lifestyle that makes a huge difference to them being able to slot back into a system if required.