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Do I need the workbooks for the Young Explorers Apologia series and the Senior Apologia Creation Science?

This is debatable. Last week I sat with a mom who said the workbook would be exactly what her daughter would just love because there is no denying they are truly lovely. They are well laid out, they have crosswords, colour pictures, graphs, ‘on your own’ report blocks, etc., so they are very, very good for keeping a record of all that has been learnt through the text book. However this same mom said that the workbook would put her son off doing science altogether and he would prefer to have the text book only and develop his own results through collecting and gathering his notes and making a portfolio of what he has done his way.

Some moms are finding the workbook journals are just fantastic support to them, the parent, because the student has it all laid out before them which enables them to get on with the lessons without as much parental involvement.

Other moms are using the text book only, to read-aloud, and not using it as a curriculum, but rather as Creation Science lessons which they do together through dialogue, etc.

For the Senior Apologia Creation Science books, others prefer to purchase the audio book to help encourage the child’s reading skills as the child listens to the entire book being read aloud to them while they follow along.

Bottom line, assess what is right for your family, for your individual children.

So, how do you know what is ‘required or necessary’? Think about it like this, they are learning through the text book, which contains Creation Science lessons, whether they have the accompanying workbook or a file or portfolio created by themselves is not what is important. What is important however, is that they have a greater awareness of God as our Creator and that their science knowledge is broader as a result of doing Apologia.

Consider the workbooks and the audio book to be the added extra helping tools. They are nice to have, (not essential) take them or leave them.

There are three factors to bear in mind regarding the workbooks.

  1. Workbooks for the Young Explorers Series come in what is called the ‘Notebook Journal’ for elementary level.
  2. There are Workbooks called ‘Beginner Writer’ Workbook Journals for the pre-elementary years, being early writing stage/age. Both these workbooks accompany the same title Young Explorers ‘text’ book, for example: Astronomy will have the Notebooking Journal AND the Junior Notebooking Journal.
  3. There currently are only 2 workbooks to accompany the Senior Science years being, General Science Workbook and Physical Science Workbook. There are not accompanying workbooks from Biology onwards.

By the way, the test and solutions book is VITAL, that much we can say YES YOU DO NEED IT. For without it you will be lost, unless of course you are scientist yourself and you have all the answers!

Perhaps it will be helpful to watch the video production on Apologia and also look carefully at the content of each level.