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Afrikaans is our home language, we have decided to start Homeschooling, can we use Oikos being an Afrikaans family?

A mom wrote and asked this question which Missy, our daughter, answered.

What an exciting path you are about to embark on! Well done in taking this step in deciding to home educate, it is a wonderful, blessed, rewarding journey, that thousands are walking and enjoying.

Our own data base of Oikos families are mainly Afrikaans speaking, and although our curriculum is mainly written in the USA and UK the material can be used and applied in any language, as you, the mom, teach the lesson in your home tongue to your own little children.

Math-U-See lessons come on DVD’s and are taught in English and you can explain to your child what the context of the lesson is in Afrikaans, or watch it yourself then teach him/her in your home tongue. There is also the instruction manual which you can refer to and then teach from.

The Afrikaans families that we supply to don’t seem to have had a struggle with the resources being in English and in fact they like it that their children can start being exposed to another language through means of math lessons on DVD.

So what I recommend you do is visit our online store and do the Math-U-See placement with your children so as to assess their skill levels before purchasing anything.

We have developed a user friendly interactive website to help and support you as a parent in your curriculum ordering, so if you wish to purchase any of the resources we supply may I encourage you to visit our online store and take the initial steps required for us to capture your details, by means of registration hence making ordering with Oikos smooth and simple.

I also hope that the testimonies from Afrikaans parents will be encouraging to you and our Afrikaans read-alouds.

You will find Afrikaans parent testimonies on the site under the tab – testimonies.